WIPpet from Germany

That’s right, I’m in Germany!! I was absent last week due to being in Germany without wifi, so you’ll have to excuse me for that.  If you want, you can read about all my adventures on my travel/everyday/general blog: https://rachelswanderingandwondering.wordpress.com/ (You should check it out…just saying…there are pictures)

The good news is that I’ve gotten SO much work done with all the train journeys I’ve been taking!  The majority of chapters 1-14 have been edited, which is more progress than I expected! I’m also still looking for beta readers – to everyone who’s already volunteered let me know your email address and I’ll send the chapters out to you, and for anyone else let me know if you’re interested!

A little goals update – I’m giving myself a break until September when I’ve already had a month to settle in back in Australia.  I’ll still be writing and editing and reading and beta-ing between now and then of course, but not on any strict schedule because in case you’ve forgotten I’m adventuring around Europe!!

Anyway, onto the WIPpet!

WIPpet Wednesday is the wonderful day where writers from all over the blogosphere share snippets from their WIPs, you should definitely check them all out!

Despite all the work I’ve done I only have a short WIPpet for you this week, they should start to get longer as we move away from the first fourteen chapters.

Today’s WIPpet is 27 words from chapter 6. Today is the 17th of June, last week was the 10th, so I’m combining the two dates to get 27. Genius math.

No context, because it’s more fun that way 😛

The first blow caught him off guard and he fell heavily into the stairs.  “Taura!”  His world spun with the second blow, and then everything was black.


10 thoughts on “WIPpet from Germany

  1. Wheehoo!!! How fun to be traveling! I’ve never been to Germany but a few of my buddies have lived there and I hear it is very nice.

    Nice tease, with the WIPpet! Quite the snappy little snippet.

    McClain R G (no spaces) at aol dot com

  2. Aw, no wifi stinks. But I’m glad you’re enjoying your travels!

    Nice snippet. It doesn’t need to be long to grab people’s attention, that’s for sure.

  3. Sometimes the shorter snippets are the best. They leave us wondering “WHAT HAPPENED?”

    And Germany…. I really should go there one of these days. My cousin has invited us for the last four years, but life keeps happening.

  4. Oh that’s a sneaky snippet that leaves me wanting more… Very awesome. As is your ability to write on train journeys! I just end up daydreaming out the window, so I’m very envious. I’m glad you’re enjoying yourself though, Germany always looks like it’d be amazing to travel around.

    Also, pax (at) paxasteriae (dot) co (dot) uk 😀

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