God I’m useless at this

I have been the most awful WIPpeteer ever.

I haven’t remembered to regularly post snippets.

I haven’t remembered to check on the other WIPpeteers.

I haven’t even remembered that it’s Wednesday most of the time!

I hope you’ll all forgive me!

I’d say I’m going to post weekly and check up on everyone this month, but I can’t promise I’ll have a reliable enough internet connection to keep that promise. I’ll try my best though!

Before I get on to this week’s WIPpet though, I want to bring up the whole beta reading thing again.  I know I talked about this WAY back in April but then if we all remember life got in the way and April was an anxiety ridden catastrophe and none of what I said was going to happen happened.


Good. I still don’t want to talk about it.

Anyway, it’s now June (which you all already know) and I’ve finally gotten the first six chapters ready for pre-beta reading. If you’re still interested in reading the chapters, let me know.  It’s a totally no pressure no commitment task, I just want you to tell me if you liked it or not and if you’d keep reading. At the same time, if you’re looking for a beta reading project, I will be looking for people to take on a bigger task in a few months! Again, no pressure.

So, yeah. Let me know if you’re still interested/have become interested/are free.

Now onto the WIPpet because it’s suddenly become 11:30pm and I have to be up early tomorrow to catch a train to Germany.

Today’s WIPpet is actual my response to the 777 challenge I was tagged to do by one of my AdelNaNo friends. Basically, it’s 7 lines from page 7 of a WIP.  It corresponds with the date because I promised I’d do it today.  As for tagging 7 friends, I tag anyone who wants to do this (because I’m lazy and it’s late and I’m tired).

The empty corridor echoed with their footsteps as they hurried towards the meeting room.

“I always find it funny to think that we’re meeting in the dungeons of an old castle when so many people wish we were locked away in one.”

Andre simply grunted and continued to walk. He wasn’t in the mood for Sven’s desperate attempts at small talk. He wasn’t in the mood for anything. Despite the Rebellion’s success in capturing villages west of the border with Taneka, he still felt dissatisfied.

Don’t forget to head on over to the other WIPpeteers – you can find them by clinking this linky thingy!


13 thoughts on “God I’m useless at this

  1. Not doing the 777 thing (it’s JuNoWriMo for me, and I feel time squeezed enough… as I’m sure you can imagine)…. but!!!! I do like the sense of “something has to be done yet” that this scene gives me.

  2. “He wasn’t in the mood for Sven’s desperate attempts at small talk.” That’s how I always feel about small talk! LOL. Andre sounds like he’s pouting, though.

  3. Everybody has trouble posting from time to time. 🙂 You’re fine.

    What genre is the thing you want beta’ed? (Sorry. My memory is terrible just at the moment.)

    These two remind me of Beloved and me. There are times he thinks a light word will make things better and I’m just like, “I can’t do playful right now.” 😛 Nice interaction.

  4. Quite a bit going on here in just a short snippet. Andre’s mood is definitely shining through.

    I can try to get notes to you by the end of July. Especially if we’re just talking six chapters. I am gone quite a bit, but always have my kindle with me.

  5. If you just want a general kind of opinion (since I’ve never beta-read and I’m pretty sure I’d be useless at it), I can definitely do that.

    I like these few lines a lot. Sven’s attempt at humour made me smile and they do a lot to make me want to find out more!

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