ROW Check In: Back in Business

We’re not talking about April.

Not even a little bit.

Even this is too much.

Seriously, stop talking about it.



Ok. Good.

There’s still just over a month left in the round (give or take), which means it’s not too late to join in!

As the writing challenge that knows I have a life (it’s words, not mine), ROW doesn’t mind when I join in, or that the first 6 weeks of the round were a complete write off (lol, no pun intended because there was no writing involved). It embraces my life a hell of a lot more than Camp NaNo did. That was a mistake.

Ooops. Talking about April again. Nope. Change the subject.

My goals for  this round are pretty much the goals I had last round because, let’s get real, I didn’t achieve them last round. I don’t particularly care, I didn’t achieve them because I was adventuring and being on exchange and living in Edinburgh.

I was life-ing, and life-ing is just as important as writing.

I have more life-ing lined up in the weeks between now and the end of the round (June twenty-somethingth). I have one uni essay left to write, a flat to move out of, friends to farewell, countries to visit, and days to cross off until I’m reunited with A (all of which you can read about on my travel blog – please go and read it…please!).

But hey, I am always the optimist, so I’m going to remain optimistic that somewhere in between all the life-ing I have planned I’ll find some time to write, and plan, and create.

Now that that giant ramble is over, let’s get onto the actual goals.


An oldy but a goody: finish the rewrites of Rebellion. Or at least most of the rewrites. A good chunk of rewrites.


Listen to more audiobooks.  Read more books.  I’m not going to give myself a number because numbers are not how I work. Just generally read more.


Start planning NaNo novel.  Work on visual diary. Sort out writing notes.


Get back into regular posts on this blog. ROW updates, WIPpets, writing stuff, book reviews, general stuff that is somehow related to writing.

Also get back into my main blog/travel blog and social media.


Finish planning/booking holidays for June-August.

Finalise uni stuff for my final semester of my Bachelor’s degree.

So they’re my big goals. Smaller goals for the rest of this week (until Sunday):

– spend LOTS of time with my amazing American flatmates/friends before they LEAVE ME

– write History essay

– visual diary work: characters

– send first seven chapters to potential beta readers

– visit WIPpeteers because I didn’t get to last week and I feel bad


3 thoughts on “ROW Check In: Back in Business

  1. Welcome back!

    Sounds to me like your priorities are just right! You’re on an incredible adventure, not one you can have just any time. It’s fitting that you’re life-ing right now, and the bonus is that it’s almost certain to add fuel to your eventual creative fires.

    As for the CampNaNo thing – better to have tried and realized trying was a mistake this time around than to not have tried and just feel like you ddn’t even bother to indulge your desire to do so….

    I signed up for to MOOCs this January, but was life-ing, and never even looked at them! But at least I signed up, and there’s a certain amount of intention there that I may pick up again, another time, when things are more conducive in my life-ing.

    I didn’t get round to everyone last week, either – but this week, I’m caught up, and will check back for later entries, too. =)

  2. Your April (oops, bad word!) sounds a lot like my March. And you know what? I think life-ing is more important than writing. I’ve lost a couple of very good friends in the last four years, so I want to make sure I live life to the fullest. So i say to you, have fun and enjoy life. And write when you can.

  3. Looks like you have some great goals lined up. It is important to indulge in life when you get the chance and ROW80 bloggers will be here to cheer you on. Good luck from a ROW80 blog hopping friend.

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