Dangerous times – WIPpet Wednesday

Look at who’s on time!!

I’m trying this new thing called being on top of things. It’s going pretty well, considering it’s the first day.

Sorry for missing everyone’s WIPpets last week, life has been very busy (for more info either see my ROW update or my travel blog for details). I’ll do better this week!

Today’s WIPpet is still with Siri because she’s awesome and her chapter took me FOREVER to finish.  It’s now finished though, so I’ll be sending out the first 7 chapters of Rebellion to those who volunteered last month on Monday. If you can no longer spare the time or want to read the first few chapters and didn’t say so before let me know!!

It corresponds with the date because I just wrote it. #organised.

Short and sweet for you today!

“It sounds dangerous.” Danger didn’t particularly bother her, but nonetheless the observation seemed pertinent.
Sven chuckled. “Welcome to the Rebellion, Siri.”


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