I don’t have a creative title this week.

Also hello.  I’m back.

April was a disaster. I’d rather not talk about it.

But hey, here I am.

Just a quick post today as I’m quite busy, but I should be back on Sunday with my actual Round 2 goals and the like.

Don’t forget to check out the other WIPpeteers here when you’re done!

Today’s math is 6×5=30, plus 1 because I’m generous to give you 31 sentences from my new chapter 3 with Siri!

“What?” She snarled at Iram, reluctantly withdrawing from her thoughts. She missed being alone.
“Look.” The darkness in Iram’s voice distracted her from her sulking, and she followed his gaze behind them. Sinister in the gloom that had covered the rocks whilst they had been sitting, three figures were approaching their small group. “What do they want?”
“Do you think we’ve done something wrong?” Alla’s voice sounded even smaller and shriller than before, and Siri shuddered with uncontrollable frustration.
“We haven’t.” Iram’s gaze flickered to the other men, who had paused their fighting and were watching the approaching party cautiously.
“What do you think they want? No one ever comes out here.” Despite herself, Siri tensed. Rationally, she knew she hadn’t done anything wrong and the chances of anyone with real power approaching them was slim. But that didn’t change the churning in her gut as she tried to identify the approaching figures.
“I think it’s Solema.”
A wave of relief rushed over Siri. Solema may have been stern, and perhaps even a little bit intimidating, but she didn’t really have enough power to actually be feared.
“Why is she coming out here?” Alla sounded just as terrified as she had before, but Siri wasn’t surprised. The girl was probably scared of her own shadow.
“Because someone has a mission.”
Siri’s heart leapt. She desperately hoped that it was her. She’d barely been outside the confines of the Rebellion’s decrepit stone fortress since she had arrived, and she was itching for something to do. Perhaps they would even utilise her talents finally, rather than simply giving her messages to pass on. That was where everyone started, she knew, until they gained skills and trust. In Siri’s opinion however, she had enough for the former to make up for the latter. She have never been simply a messenger, and she wasn’t in the mood to start now.


8 thoughts on “WIPpet

  1. That’s one tense scene there, Rachel. Sounds like Siri’s going to be a busy soon… hopefully even busier than you? (Or hopefully you’ll be busier… writing about all the things she’s doing?)

  2. Ah… April. Let’s just cross it off the calendar and move on, shall we. It will come around again next year and maybe be better.

    I get a chuckle out of Siri. The recipe for disaster always starts out with an extra helping of supreme self-confidence and a firm belief that one is ready for more than the tasks one is currently assigned.

  3. It’s perfectly acceptable to pretend April didn’t happen. I want to erase quite a lot of the last 6 months—at least, the parts pertaining to the novel I was writing.

    I’m curious to know what skills Siri has that they’re not using. Her attitude is going to get her in trouble, I think.

  4. Gotta love that attitude. How very feline! “Of COURSE I can walk the ridge of that tin roof!” Heh. I like how she analyzes the responses of others as well. Just impatient enough to start a story, I’d say…

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