Only missed it by 12 minutes….

I have a calendar, a diary, a phone, a laptop, and a tablet, and yet I still can’t keep track of what day it is. Today being Wednesday caught me COMPLETELY by surprise, but hey, I’m here now and it’s all ok.

As far a goals go, I don’t really have much progress to report. I’ve been in a bit of a slump which has led to me achieving nothing except completing season 2 of Pretty Little Liars.  But hey, tomorrow is another day and next week is another week. Right?

Onto the WIPpet I think, best not to dwell on the failures of the past.

Today we have 25 words (1+5×4 = 24, plus 1 because I’m late again) from a new chapter I’ve been working on from Siri’s POV.  It’s supposed to  be chapter 3, which is why I still haven’t sent out beta reading drafts. I haven’t forgotten, and I’ll get around to it!!

She suspected even Lord Rolando, whose government was apparently the most thoroughly catastrophic and corrupt entity to ever dare to exist, allowed women to fight.

I’ll try and visit everyone this week, my head simply wasn’t in it last week!


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