A different side – WIPpet Wednesday/ROW80 Goals

Ok, so I missed the start of round 2 but I’m here now and that’s what counts!!

Last round was so ridiculously busy and life really took over from my ability to write consistently, but I’m aiming to do better this round!! I don’t have goals for the entire round yet though, just for the first third(ish).

So, my goals for April/start of May are as follows:

  • Finish rewrites of Rebellion: no surprises here.  I was originally aiming to get this done during CampNaNo, but seeing as I have an estimated 100,000 words left to write, I’m going to give myself a bit more time…
  • Send first 7 chapters of Rebellion to prospective readers: I know I was supposed to do this weeks ago, but as I was editing what I already had in preparation for Camp NaNo I realised that I needed to change around a few things, including writing an entirely new third chapter.  If things go to plan they should be out this weekend/start  of next week!

And that’s it. Yep, I know, not many goals, especially as one will be achieved sooner rather than later, but let’s be honest, the rewrites are shaping into a much larger goal than I expected.

As I attempted to do last round, I’ll be splitting things into smaller weekly goals so that they’re a bit more manageable. Considering it’s already Thursday (where did the week go!!), my goals are just until Sunday and the next check in:

  • Finish rewrite of chapter 3 (approx 2,500 words)
  • Make timetable of writing goals
  • Send out first 7 chapters to beta readers

Wish me luck!!

Now onto the exciting bit of Wednesday/Thursday (I’ve decided to create my own day called Wursday): the WIPpet!! There were a lot of comments on last week’s WIPpet about how much of a douchebag Rolando’s is, and I’m going to be honest (potential spoiler alert…maybe), but that made me sad.  I have a bit of a soft spot for Rolando you see.  But I realised that I have been showing you all a lot of snippet when he’s being a bit of a dick, so I thought for this week I’d show you a different side to Rolando…one where he’s being ‘Rolando’ rather than ‘Lord Rolando’.

You have 14 sentences today, but 9+4=13 and I’m giving you an extra one for context/so you know who’s speaking at the start.

Shrugging, Aleksian stretched his neck from side to side. They had been sitting for a long time. “Some things just take time. Like travelling from Ipitha.”
Rolando scowled. “You know I do not want to talk about it.”
“I know. But we need to. It’s her, isn’t it.”
“Who?” Rolando tried not to let his panic show.
“I knew that you’d find her eventually. Are you sure that it’s the best idea though?”
Rolando shrugged. “What am I supposed to do? Stop looking? Ignore her? You know I cannot do that.”
“She won’t even know you. What are you going to do once she’s here?”
“I don’t know.”
“I hope you work it out soon, Rolando. Before it’s too late.” Aleksian stood, stretching dramatically. “Are we done?”
Rolando nodded, wanting nothing more than to be alone with his thoughts. “You are dismissed.”
Aleksian smiled sadly as he turned to leave. “Don’t let her consume you, Rolando.” He bowed his head. “My Lord.” Just as he reached the door, he turned back. “Are you sure that you’re alright?”
“Yes. Just a lot to sort out.” He gathered the papers that had been spread out over the desk in front of him, hoping that Aleksian would get the message and leave. He didn’t.
“So let me help you. You’re trying to do so much on your own, it isn’t good for you.” When Rolando didn’t respond Aleksian approached him and laid a hand on his shoulder. “We’ve been friends for years Rolando. You can trust me.”
“I know. I just…” Rolando didn’t know what he wanted to say. He had never been good at sharing secrets, especially important ones.


12 thoughts on “A different side – WIPpet Wednesday/ROW80 Goals

  1. Well, I missed last week’s post, so I have no idea if he’s really a douche or not. I always just thought he was in a tough position and had to be forceful. Obviously there’s a lot going on under the surface. I wonder who “she” is.

  2. “He gathered the papers that had been spread out over the desk in front of him, hoping that Aleksian would get the message and leave. He didn’t.” 😀

    So who’s her? You may have posted a clue before, but I’m sick, so I get an excuse for being slow today. 😛

  3. Having a character that really triggers one’s “s/he is such a ____” probably is a good thing in the long run. Yes, it’s hard when other people don’t get a true sense of the character’s depth, but these are short snippets. Think of it as something that can give your readers a surprise when they read the final book….

    All the best on your (very well thought out) goals…. and I love “Wursday” as a name.

    1. Haha it’s true, I think I’ve set myself up for it because all my characters are those sort of characters, but at different times and for different people. I think Wursday needs to be a thing, I’m never on time!!

  4. Hmmm… the mysterious woman. Can’t wait to find out who she is and why Aleksian is so worried about her showing up. There are some people — maybe many people — who feel one of the MCs in my series is a douche. Or an asshat. Depending who you ask. But he has his reasons. I know them inside and out, so I’m fiercely protective of him even as I’m admitting, “Yes, he can be an arrogant SOB, but…”

  5. Never good sharing secrets or feelings? Sometimes I find they are tied very closely. Very interesting snippet!

    I only did my writing goals through May 17th, and at the rate I’m going, I’ll be done those early. Reading I did through June, but I seem to beat my reading goals too. Though, that’s easy to deal with. I wish you the best with the round!

  6. I am no good at revealing important secrets, so I sympathise completely. The undercurrents here appeal to me. A lot going on with the mysterious woman and the hesitance to disclose something – even to a close friend. I missed the last snippet too but I like this one.

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