It’s Almost Still Wednesday…

Ok, I know I’m late but it’s only been Thursday for 30 minutes AND I had a super busy day!!

Forgive me!

Anyway, it’s now April, which means it’s Camp NaNo time (aka Rachel gets her butt back into gear and FINISHES HER DAMN REWRITES)

I’m going to try and blog every day during Camp to keep you all updated on my progress, but considering I’m planning on spending a week or two in Northern Ireland I might miss a few updates…

(Also, if you want to hear more about my Scottish adventures, you should check out my blog

Also, I PROMISE I will send out chapters to those who volunteered as beta readers soon, I’ve just been way busier than I expected and haven’t had time to compile/edit them!

My first day of camp was super busy with not much time for writing, but despite that I still managed to get a solid plan worked out and edit the first chapter! I’m calling that a victory.

Onto the WIPpet.  Don’t forget to check out the other WIPpeteers (you can find them here) and read their lovely snippets!

Now, I promised that with April would come lots of new and juicy snippets, and I’m going to try my best to keep my word.

Today’s snippet is a new section I’ve added to chapter 1, which is how it corresponds to the date! We’re back with Lord Rolando in his first meeting, and he’s not a particularly happy man.

Obedient as always, the guards grasped Timenas by the shoulders before he even had the opportunity to protest.
“Is there anything that you would like to say before you become completely irrelevant?”
The room fell even more silent as the men waited, some anxious and some curious, to hear what Timenas had to say.
“Only that I’m glad to be free of the pitiful council of a madman!”
With a wave of Rolando’s hand, the guards hauled Timenas to his feet. “Perhaps,” he sighed, his voice little more than a whisper, “you will come to regret that when you come face to face with the hangman and his noose.” He only had time to see Timenas’s face fill with panic as the reality of what he was being condemned to sunk in before he was hauled from the room.


11 thoughts on “It’s Almost Still Wednesday…

  1. “before you become completely irrelevant?” I love this. It’s so… arrogantly catty. Rolando is a cold hearted fellow, methinks.

  2. **“Is there anything that you would like to say before you become completely irrelevant?” **

    I love that line. The final one was a little convoluted.

    I’m not sure how I feel about Rolando…I’d like to know more of what he’s really feeling…

    I want to go to Ireland. *pouts a little*…

    May you enjoy!

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