Late again, don’t even care

Surely we’re all used to me being a day late by now anyway.

Firstly, a MASSIVE thank you to everyone who offered to read a bit of Rebellion for me! You’re all amazing! I’m just doing some last continuity touch ups etc, and then I’ll be sending it out for you all to get your teeth into.

Uni is still super busy at the moment (the dying days of busy-ness) and so I still haven’t gotten much (any) writing work done, but by Tuesday my assignments will be over, and I’ll have all of April to explore and write! I’m doing Camp NaNo, so if any of you are attempting it let me know and we can cheer each other on etc.!

For my WIPpet today I have 26 lines (because I’m a day late therefore there’s one extra line).  This is back with Taura and Jacabo, before the most recent Taura snippets for no reason other than I like this section.

“You’re going to kill me.” Taura’s voice was smaller than Jacabo had expected. It sounded defeated, the complete opposite to the defiance her companions had responded with. It was delicate and fragile, and it gave him the startling urge to comfort her.
“I won’t kill you.” His voice had shrunk to barely more of a whisper.
“Rape me then.”
“No. No one will rape you. No one will hurt you. I’ll look after you until we get back to the palace.”
“And then they’ll kill me.” Her voice sounded slightly stronger, but Jacabo could hear the fear and tears behind it. She was scared, he realised with a start. He had expected her to be angry, resentful, perhaps even relieved. But not scared. Thinking about it now of course being scared was a completely rational reaction. Just not one he had considered.
“No one will kill you.”
Her hair rustled as Taura raised her head to regard him with reproachful eyes. They were blue, so bright and cold they seemed to pierce him. He could see the lines of salt left from her tears, and the red veins creeping through the whites of her eyes. “Why should I trust you?”
Jacabo paused. He had no answer, nothing to reassure her and win her cooperation. “I don’t know.”


4 thoughts on “Late again, don’t even care

  1. Looking forward to you getting back in the game. April is going to have lots of nice juicy experts, I presume?

    Now, I completely understand his I don’t know to those eyes. Vivid and descriptive. I can see them both standing there and him being lost by her sudden reaction. Not sure what’s going to happen next but I’m eager to find out how’s he going to convince her its okay to trust him.

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