Searching for Beta Readers on WIPpet Wednesday*

*technically Thursday but shhh.

If you read my post on Sunday or Monday (I don’t blame you if you didn’t…I can’t even remember when I wrote it!) you’ll know I’m attempting to get my butt into gear.

Part of this getting my butt into gear plan involves sucking up all my fears and whatever else is holding me back and sending a few chapters of Rebellion out to potential willing beta readings to let me know what they think!

(Amelia Browne I’ll be sending it to you soon don’t worry).

For today’s WIPpet I have a (ridiculously terrible) blurb of sorts for Rebellion that you can look at and see if you like.  Also, if you’ve liked my WIPpets so far that’s probably a good sign….

Sixteen years after The Council was overthrown and a rightful descendant assumed the throne, Taneka should be at peace.  But war threatens its borders and Lord Rolando cannot rest.  When the one person he thought could solve everything arrives in Carithno, he finds himself facing two conflicts – one between swords and rivals, the other between the past and his future.  As those around him get dragged further into the war with the Rebellion, each are forced to question something they’d only ever viewed as fact: whose side are they really on?

So, if you’re interested in reading over the first few chapters of a multi-viewpoint fantasy novel and giving me some feedback, let me know in the comments or email me at

I literally have no time pressures, so I don’t care if you can read it in a week, a month, or six months.  Any feedback would be great!

Then go and check out the rest of the WIPpeteers here becaues they’re awesome!!


12 thoughts on “Searching for Beta Readers on WIPpet Wednesday*

  1. I love the blurb. It’s actually the type of pieces I love to read. I would love to beta read for you. Although, I’m not that experience to provide sufficient feedback that you are looking for, like the hardcore grammar and whatnot. I can only provide what I see as in issue and what works. As you can tell, I’m pretty new to beta reading. But I’ll more than happy to help 😊

    1. Hey!! I really don’t need hardcore feedback at the moment, just really whether or not you liked what you read and if you’d keep reading and why/why not etc.! Thanks so much! 🙂 If you send me an email I’ll send the first few chapters over to you this weekend!

  2. First, the blurb… in the first sentence, I thought Taneka was a person, not a place. And I feel like I want more punch. Something more personal to Rolando, maybe. What are the stakes for him? Grab me by the throat and make me want to read this.

    As for reading… if it’s just a few chapters and you’re only after first impressions, send it my way. I can’t really commit to anything more than that, and not sure what kind of turn-around I can give you, but as long as that doesn’t worry you I’m game.

    1. Thanks for the blurb feedback, I wrote it so late last night just so I had SOMETHING to tempt people with haha! I’m not fussed at all about turn around, I really just want first impressions! 🙂

  3. The conflict comes out in your blurb. I’d read the book based on it.
    I haven’t been a beta reader (ok – how is it different from being a critique partner – which I am for others) but would be willing to read and comment as you’ve asked. My email is arlie707 at hotmail dot com.

  4. It definitely sounds like a blurb that’d make me pick up the book! I’d also be interested in reading it if you think you need anyone else (since it looks like you’ve got plenty of way more qualified people than me who’d love to read it too!). If you do, my email is

  5. I thought Taneka was a person, too…

    So long as you don’t need a speedy return, and you’re willing to be third on my list (I’m waaay behind on my other two!), I’ll happily read for impressions. you can find me at memismommy at yahoo dot com.

    I can see that you’ll want to work on the energy of the blurb, but that’ll come. Horray for taking this butt in gear step! =D

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