Getting my Butt into Gear

I’ve been a little big slack this round.

I’m not beating myself up about it.  I’ve moved countries, started my final year of undergrad, made new friends, lost 6kgs (almost a stone), started playing netball again, and done a lot of other things that more than justify my slackness.

But still, being honest, I’ve been slack.

I do, however, have plans to get my butt back into gear and actually achieve things.

I’m planning on using the fact I have April off and that Camp NaNo is happening during April to get my rewrites done. No excuses.

This is it. In theory.

To help keep myself motivated I’m also looking for people who would be interested in reading the first few chapters of Rebellion and giving me some feedback on whether they liked it/what they thought.

I’ll talk about this more on Wednesday and provide a little blurb type thing so you can see if you’re interested.  I just really want to start getting it out into the world and knowing people have read a bit and (hopefully) want to read more might give me some more incentive to get through my rewrites!!


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