And the streak ends

Well, it’s Thursday.  This was bound to happen sooner or later, and it just turns out it happened sooner.

This week has been a clusterfuck. An absolutely, total, ridiculous, soul destroying clusterfuck.

But never mind that.  I’m here, even if I’m late.  And I have a WIPpet.

Also, sorry I didn’t get around to everyone’s WIPpets last week, see above. I’ll do my best to read both this week and last week’s WIPpets though! (But no promises).

This week’s math is 14 sentences because 11+3=14.

Once you’re done here don’t forget to check out the other lovely WIPpeteers!!

We’re still with Andre because I still haven’t finished his damn chapter.

Just as he expected, Krasta took only a moment to explode. “Lost them? How did you manage to lose them? They were some of our best recruits!  And Taura-”
“Yes, I’m aware of how well trained they were.” Andre cut Krasta off hurriedly. He didn’t need to hear the end of that sentence. “Nothing has been confirmed yet. There’s no need to panic.”
“No need?!”
Andre rolled his eyes. If he’d known Krasta was going to be quite so hysterical he would have done this in private. Or not at all.


7 thoughts on “And the streak ends

  1. Sorry it’s been a clusterfuck – and my, do I love that word! I hope it gets better by the time you read this.

    Krasta doesn’t sound like someone I’d want to give bad news – or maybe any news – to. My sympathies are with Andre, here – and the missing folk, too.

    1. It has improved slightly, although I once again feel as though I may be getting ill (uh oh), so we’ll have to see how that progresses!
      Krasta is an interesting character, and he doesn’t particularly like bad news!

      1. I hope you’re not getting sick, or, if you are, that you have answers far more swiftly than the last time.

        Hooray for even small lightenings of the load!

        I think I like Andre a lot better than Krasta – but maybe that will change as I get to know him.

  2. I love “Or not at all.” I’ve known that feeling so many times, so I really feel for Andre!

    I do like the word “clusterfuck”, it can sum everything up perfectly, but better late than never! I hope things have started to pick up for you now.

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