It’s Wednesday

Wow. How many Wednesdays in a row is this now?

I’m going to guess two, but I may be wrong.

Anyway, it’s Wednesday again and Wednesday means WIPpets!


Last week I think I managed to read everyone’s WIPpet and comment on most of them! Hooray for me!

If you would also like to visit all of the WIPpeteers they can be found at this linky magical thingy set up by K.L. Schwengel our glorious leader.

This week’s snippet follows on directly from last week’s.  If you haven’t seen it, you might want to go and read it for the context.  Those of you who did read it will remember (hopefully) that Andre wasn’t in the best mood by the end of it.  For today’s date, here are four little paragraph thingies. #maths

Urgent knocking pulled Andre from his sleep. Grumbling, he straightened himself, wiping the small puddle of drool that had formed on his desk with the edge of his sleeve. “Whaduyawant?” He grunted. His sleep may have been filled with nightmares, but it was better than being awake.
“It’s dawn, Andre.” Sven’s familiar voice sounded just as exhausted as he felt, but Andre wasn’t in the mood for giving out sympathy.
The door swung open without any further notice, and Andre cursed himself for not remembering to lock it before he’d dozed off. Sven strode into the room first, his face pinched and anxious. Krasta and Solema followed him in, both looking worse for wear. “And,” Krasta replied, lowering himself onto an empty chair with more grace than Andre thought decent for so early in the morning, “we want to know why we’ve been woken up.”


8 thoughts on “It’s Wednesday

  1. “…lowering himself onto an empty chair with more grace than Andre thought decent for so early in the morning…” LOVE that line. I completely know what he means LOL It doesn’t look like his mood is going to be improved anytime soon….

  2. I think Andre’s wondering why they’ve been woken up as well. 😉 And I love the little detail about wiping the drool away.

  3. I love the line about wiping away drool, the perils of dozing off at the desk! I feel for Andre, a group of people is not what you want when you’ve just woken up, particularly those pesky graceful types!

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