Yet Another Re-evaluation (ROW Update)

It’s me again.  Another week of minimal writing to report.  But, never fear.  I’ve examined my calendar in detail, and I’ve come to a realisation.

The likelihood of me getting a lot of writing work done before April is minimal.  This week is taken up by 3,500 words of assignments due next Monday.  The follow two weeks are required to focus on a history essay and beginning my major political essay.  That brings us to March 15th.  The following two weeks will be spent finalising my final politics essay, which are due on March 30th and March 31st.  That brings us to April.

See what I mean.  Not much time for a full scale rewrite of Rebellion, let alone beta reading, world building, and 52 Books Challenge reading!

Don’t despair though, I have a plan.  It’s a good one this time.

I am hereby accepting that March is essentially a write-off. Unless I want to spend any free time I have not working on essays or doing readings cooped up in my room or a coffee shop writing, I simply can’t make the commitment. It won’t be completely writing free, I’m going to aim for 500 words a night, which pretty much works out as a chapter a week.

April however is when things get serious. I have the entire month off thanks to no exams and my final essay topic not being released until April 27th.  This leaves an entire month free for exploring and writing, which is what I plan to do.

I’ve been listening to Stephen Fry’s autobiography More Fool Me, and in the section I’m up to he’s talking about staying at a swanky health spa to work on his novel.  Now, I don’t plan on staying at a swanky health spa during April, but I do plan on getting out of Edinburgh.  I want to go north, find somewhere in the Highlands or on one of the islands to stay, soak up the beautiful scenery, and write.  NaNo Style. Camp NaNo style, to be precise.  Smash out my rewrites so that by the end of April it is done and ready for beta readers.

And that’s the plan.


3 thoughts on “Yet Another Re-evaluation (ROW Update)

  1. I’ve come to a similar conclusion with my writing. Sometimes, there is just too much on your plate to churn out a novel. Like you, I’m going to get all my other responsibilities out of the way by April and then fully devote myself to writing a novel during Camp NaNoWriMo.

    1. It can be so difficult. Sometimes at the start of a month or round it seems as though everything is under control and you have plenty of time to write, but by midway through you realise just how busy you were! We can cheer each other on during Camp NaNo! 😀

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