Putting Things in Perspective

A post from my other blog about one of my closest friends and an important life lesson. Please read 🙂

Wanderings and Wonderings

Everyone takes things for granted.

There, I’ve said it.

No matter how thankful you are for some things, there are others that we inevitably take for granted until something happens to make up realise how truly fortunate we are.

For example, I’m thankful and grateful for my family, and have been for years, but I always took for granted the fact mum did the washing every week until I moved out of home two years ago and suddenly had to do it myself.

I distinctly remember the moment I no longer took ‘fresh’ air for granted.  I was 13, overseas for the first time in my life, in China, with my school.  We were at Tienanmen Square (a landmark completely lost on me at the time), and our guide told us that Tienanmen Square is the only square in the world that doesn’t have pigeons because of the amount of…

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