WIPpet Thursday is a thing now

The linky link is still open, which means it’s a thing. Which is victorious for me because apparently my brain can’t deal with Wednesdays. So WIPpet Thursday it is.


Today, I have 30 sentences (15+15) from the exchange between Rolando and Aleksian that results in last week’s snippet.

“I know, Aleksian, because I have decided to disband the council. It has become nothing more than a burden and a breeding ground for disloyalty and impotence.”

Surprised, Aleksian straightened. “Disband the council? Really? What if they don’t take it well?”

“You’ve taken it well.”

“I know my role isn’t threatened.”

Rolando laughed. “Your confidence is almost inspiring, Aleksian. You are right, your role is safe.”

Aleksian smiled through tense lips. “Just as I suspected. What other roles will you keep?”

Searching for the piece of parchment on the desk he had jotted notes on, Rolando shrugged. “The stewards, most likely, although I think I will be assigning those roles to people I can trust rather than people I once trusted. As for the rest, I am yet to make up my mind. What are your thoughts?”

“My thoughts?” Aleksian paused. “The stewards seem to be necessary to help enforce your rule, especially in the areas threatened by rebels and smugglers. Someone to manage the treasury. Perhaps someone to advise you?”

“You advise me.”

“Someone in a more official capacity to provide advice.”

“I am promoting you. Here is the paperwork, although it still lacks your signature.” Rolando shoved the parchment across the table. “I need someone I can trust giving me advice, someone who knows what they are talking about. I assume you are capable of selecting your own replacement?”

Don’t forget to check out the other WIPpeteers (see the linky link above), and join us if you feel so inclined!


11 thoughts on “WIPpet Thursday is a thing now

  1. I set the linky up to be open from Tuesday until some time on Friday because of crazy time warps and time zones and brain farts and things like that. So I guess we could call it Weekly WIPpets. 😉

    I love this line, “will be assigning those roles to people I can trust rather than people I once trusted.” So very telling. And just a little unnerving for those who were ‘once trusted’. I still worry about Aleksian…

  2. I’m with Kathi – love that line. I have a feeling there’s a lot happening beneath the surface….

    On a Wednesday note, I published 5 blog posts yesterday! I had no idea I’d done that until my stats page told me!

    I’m glad you joined in, albeit a little late! =)

      1. I didn’t really mean for it to happen that way…it…just…kinda…did…

        The kids will be spending the afternoon and evening playing with cousins at their grandparents’ house, and I may get to see two nephews and a niece after a few hours of peaceful solitude for writing and Enterprise-watching…

        So that’s a reward of sorts….

      2. Pretty good? I’d say more like awesome!

        And yes, it’s a great reward. Love my kids and noise comes with them…so the chance to settle into the ahhhhh of quiet is hugely restorative. I plan to write (well, revise more than write, buts still), hometend, meditate, and play with the WiiFit while I soak it all in!

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