Not the most successful of first weeks…

I had every intention of achieving things this week, but my Edinburgh life just got ahead of me.  I’m not too bummed out though, this week was the week for slacking off, exploring a new city, and making friends. Starting tomorrow, I have a schedule, a routine, and dedicated time set aside for writing and achieving my goals. That said, let’s look back at this week…

Write the main character sections of my visual diary: Nope.

Rewrite chapters 12-14 of Rebellion: Nope.

Edit chapters 1-2 of Queen of Hearts: Nope.

Read CoralineNope.

Post a WIPpet: Yes.

Great start to the round, I know. But there’s so much time to redeem myself, starting tomorrow!

So, goals for this week:

Write character sections of my visual diary

Rewrite chapters 12-17 of Rebellion

Edit chapters 1-4 of Queen of Hearts 

Read Coraline and start War and Peace

Post a WIPpet and one other post

I can do it! I am determined! I have a schedule god dammit!!


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