How Time Flies

It’s already the last week before Christmas, the last proper Wednesday before  the festivities of the Christmas/New Year season begins. Time has most definitely flown!  It’s almost time for my adventure into the UK to begin as well, which you can read all about in my new travel blog: Rachel’s Wanderings and Wonderings.

I have been rather absent this past week or so, and for that I apologise. I’ve just been so busy sorting everything else out that I haven’t really had much of an opportunity to do anything even remotely writing related. I final got some world building done today however, which was most definitely a relief!

I don’t really have much else ROW-y to report thanks to my distinct lack of progress, but I’ll be back soon with my writing goals for 2015!

For now, it’s time for a WIPpet as it is, after all, Wednesday!  Today, I have 16 small paragraphs (2+0+14) of another scene later on in Viggo’s chapter, seeing as everyone enjoyed that so much last time!  You can find the other WIPpeteers here if you’re interested!

Ema was squatting in the back corner of the cave, rummaging through what appeared to be an old sea chest. “No one’s here. You’re lucky, probably. They’re not the best at introductions.”

“Who exactly are these people you keep talking about. They don’t sound very friendly.” Viggo shuffled towards the edge of the cave. Looking down tentatively, and the violent crashing of waves against the rocky surface below quickly drew him back again.

“They just don’t like strangers. Or interruptions.”

Viggo turned back in time to see Ema glancing up at the hole they had both just jumped through. “Do they like you?”

She shrugged. “Depends.”


Ema ignored him, instead diving back into the chest and emerging with a nibbled loaf of bread. “It’s fine. No one is here anyway.” She said eventually, offering him a chunk of the bread.

“For now.”

“It’s fine, we won’t be here long. You said you needed food. Once we’ve eaten we can set off.”

“Set off?”

“To the Rebellion?” Raising her eyebrows, Ema stood slowly. “That is where you’re going, right?”

Viggo bit back his curse. Despite all the time alone with his thoughts on the journey to Ema’s cave, he still needed more time to think. Think about everything, but especially about the Rebellion. His leg twanged unhelpfully, reminding him once again of the disastrous meeting in the tavern. Or perhaps, Viggo paused, it wasn’t quite so unhelpful after all. It was clear that walking was largely out of the question, especially over long distances. Which meant that unless Ema also had horses stowed away in her strange lair, they were going to have to wait. Forcing back his relief, Viggo shrugged. “Not yet I’m not. My legs won’t carry me that far, not after the jump down here. I’ll need to rest a few days first.”

He could see Ema pursing her lips together, presumably considering what he had said. Not that he had given her much choice. It wasn’t as though she could force him to walk.


“Fine. But then we’ll go?”

Viggo nodded. “Then we’ll go.” Somewhere.


5 thoughts on “How Time Flies

  1. I’ve missed a lot of WIPpets, so I feel doubly lost, but still very intrigued by this! Nice dialogue, tension, and suspense. I definitely want to know what these two are up to. And I love the name Viggo. 🙂

  2. Haha…he might regret a few days with her. But I do like that he’s kind of telling her one thing and doing another for her better interest,or so it reads that way. Great job!

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