Only Three Weeks Left!

As we enter the December, life seems to just be getting busier.

It’s the final month of the year, with Christmas, New Years, and all sorts of other excuses to drink, be merry, and catch up with people before the year ends.

It’s my final month in Australia, with packing, formalities, goodbyes, and what is shaping up to be a whole lot of eating and consuming thickshakes.

It’s the final three weeks of the round as well, and I have A LOT to do before this round ends!

I’ve been slack this past week. Stupid fatigue of doom (which I complained about on Wednesday), combined with a desperate need to just chill out and watch YouTube, and the beginnings of Christmas shopping, meant that not a lot of writing was done!

Never fear though, productive Rachel WILL return this week! *cheers*

Goal for this week is as follows:

Write/edit 2-3 chapters per day: I have a lot of catching up to do if I want Rebellion to be ready to go at the end of the year!! Eeeep! 9-5 editing it is!

Yep. That’s it. I have other stuff to do, but I just want this to be my main focus this week! Wish me luck!!


7 thoughts on “Only Three Weeks Left!

  1. December is also that time of the year where you decide, “I’ll work on it next year.” It is for me, at least. Especially that last week, when everything is gearing up for Auld Lang Syne. Where are you going?

  2. Funny how the end of the year, when things should be slowing down and tucking in for winter, becomes the most busy. We all have–and need–our non-productive stretches. It helps rejuvenate us and return with a vengeance.

  3. I hear yah. Been busy much of the year, and you’re right December gets so awfully busy. But, there’s a lot of great stuff still happening too! Have a grand holiday, Rachel. And best of luck on the rest of the Round! 🙂

  4. I feel the same way. I guess we aren’t alone! December always seems soo busy. But I’m determined, like you, to push through to the end! (There’s always time to sleep later, right?)

  5. Eat and have milkshakes with me! Get in touch. That’s an amazing goal with your novel, I’m sure you’ll see it through though! Let me know if you want a revision program for afterwards, I’ve got an awesome one that even makes scattered panos get through the stages…
    Take care! X

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