An End and A Beginning – NaNo Day #30

Well, we made it.  Some of us in better shape than others, but we’re all here. In 54 minutes (according to my clock), NaNo will be over for Adelaide, Australia. 30 days and nights of literary abandon drawing to an end.  So far, my region has written a total of over 9 million words. My total sits at 107,413 so far, which may possibly increase slightly before midnight.

It’s been an incredible month.  At the beginning of this round I wasn’t even sure about doing NaNo, and I was certain that if I did it wouldn’t be back with the Adelaide region. And yet here we are.

Sitting here tonight watching people’s word counts reach 50k, seeing the celebrations, reassuring those whose victory wasn’t quite 50k, it reminded me why I love doing NaNo with a region. The sense of community heightens my NaNo experience.  People are genuinely happy for each other when they reach milestones. I was terrified about coming back, but I was welcomed back in a way I didn’t expect.  I have made amazing friends I treasure through NaNo. I’ve watched people defy their own expectations (case in point: one of the girls in my region has shot from 4,500 words on day 27 to 1.8k to go in the last hour – that’s 43,700 in 3 days!) and seen the community rally around people when they need it most. This years NaNo was fantastic people I felt as though I was a part of something, not just sitting on the sidelines waiting to be accepted.

I will be honest, some goals have slipped by the wayside. I’m still only up to chapter 13 of Rebellion edits, significantly behind where I wanted to be. World building hasn’t happened. I’ve barely visited a single blogger. Reading has all but stopped.

But other goals for the round have been well and truly achieved.  I now have a 100,000 word long draft of a prequel to Rebellion. I finished off my second year of uni, and in exactly one month I will be boarding a flight to the other side of the world for my semester long exchange to Edinburgh.

The final weeks of this round may be busy with editing, but they’ll also be filled with friends and goodbyes and packing and Christmas and family and love.

And to be honest, I couldn’t ask for more.

Happy End of NaNo, everyone!


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