WIPpet Wednesday on a Thursday… NaNo Day #26/27

I am late again. What is this?

Admittedly, I had every intention of posting this last night, but I was out writing with no internet until 9:30pm, and then I got home, cooked the boyf some dinner, and then we snuggled up and watched some TV.  So blogging didn’t happen.

I’ve had another weird start to the week this week.  Boyf and I were super exhausted on Monday, so nothing was achieved.  Tuesday was the same, super exhausted, nothing achieved.  Wednesday was much better, but now I’m back to feeling ridiculously exhausted and not wanting to do anything but sleep and watch YouTube. Sigh.  My cough (which I thought was going away) has come back as well, so I think another trip to the drs in on the horizon.

A quick goals update before we get onto the WIPpet!

Edit up to chapter 24 of Rebellion. Yeah. Not happening. I would now like to have chapters 1-18 rewritten and edited by Sunday night. I’m up to chapter 13 rewrites now, so on track!

World building: I haven’t done much of this yet, but considering how exhausted I’ve been I’m not too stressed.

Blog as often as possible: This will be 2/4 for the week. On track.

Visit the WIPpeteers: About to do this.

Now, onto WIPpet Wednesday, the best part of Wednesdays in my opinion (or Thursdays if you’re running late like I am).  The other glorious WIPpeteers can be found here! Join us!

Last week, we ended my proper NaNo novel on a very brief and some would say evil note.  Mwah ha ha.

Today I have something a bit longer for you, and we’re back to Rebellion. Boring WIPpet maths again, this was written on the 26th.

“Is that why you’ve been having all those meetings with that young soldier? The blonde one?”

Nodding, Rolando slowed his pace slightly. He wasn’t going to shake Aleksian off now. He’d just have to get through the questioning as quickly as possible. “Yes.”

“I always wondered about him. So he’s a spy then?”

“Of sorts.”

Aleksian looked wounded. “I thought you were going to involve me in looking for the Rebellion?”

“You are involved. I just enlisted extra help.”

“Just to find her?”

“Yes, if you must know. I wanted to try and keep things separate, even if they are not in reality.”

“Does he know?”

“Of course not.” Rolando spat. “No one knows.”

“Except me.”



6 thoughts on “WIPpet Wednesday on a Thursday… NaNo Day #26/27

  1. Hmm…that last line smacks of something in the wind. Is it threat? Warning? Concern that the knowledge might make his safety questionable?

    Ugh, that no energy thing is the worse. 😦 Hope you can shake it soon.

  2. This is quite generous for you! How lovely. I like Aleksian’s response, like he’s hurt about not being the one to do the spying. 🙂

    Hope you feel better soon! Zero energy really stinks.

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