Surely it’s still Sunday somewhere… Day #24

*rushes in* I made it!!!


Ok, so technically it’s almost midday on Monday here, but it’s still Sunday somewhere in the world.  Right?

Last week was a weird week.  I was productive at the beginning of the week, and then was not productive for the rest of the week.  I was in a weird mood, I’m feeling pretty sleep deprived (insomnia acting up again), and I have just generally had one of those weeks you would rather leave VERY far behind you.

One of those weeks where you fall down the stairs, break things, get caught in a downpour, miss out on caramel thickshakes, and just generally fail at life.


I still got most of my goals done though!

Finish NaNo novel and reach 100,000 words: Achieved on Wednesday.  Final WC for Soulmates (according to the NaNo website) is around 100,300 words.

Get back into Rebellion rewrites: I started this on Sunday.

Blog every day with NaNo updates: Not achieved.  Like I said, weird week.

Visit the Wippeteers: I think I got around to everyone. If I missed you I’m sorry!!!


This week is the LAST week of NaNo for 2014. Whaaaaaaaaat? That be crazy. Please don’t be over November, I am incredibly unprepared for December!!

Goals for this week:

Edit up to chapter 24 of Rebellion: Potentially optimistic.  We’ll see how it goes. Currently battling through chapter 11. It may get cut.

World building: I want to focus on cultures a bit so I can begin to work out which names fit where.

Blog as often as possible: I’m aiming for 4 days this week.

Visit the WIPpeteers again: I don’t want to over commit myself at the moment.


So there you have it. All the goals.  All the edits/rewrites.


Wish me luck!


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