Please tell me this happens to other writers… NaNo Day #19

I hit 100k at about 11:30pm.  I finished the entire novel a few minutes later.

That’s right, day 19 of NaNoWriMo: 100,176 words, draft 1 of Soul mates completed.

And I cried. Like, a lot. The last scene is SUPER emotional, and I was listening to ‘The Last Goodbye’, and I cried a bit whilst writing and then finished and just BALLED MY EYES OUT and boyf had to tuck me in and stuff coz I was so upset.  He was so good about it though, saying that it’s such a big part of me and that he understands.

And now I’m crying again.

Does this happen to other people?

Please say yes, even if it doesn’t, so that I feel less weird.


So, anyway, goals update:

Finish NaNo novel and get to 100k: Done. See above if you missed it.
Monday: 95,000
Tuesday: 95,661
Wednesday: 100,176

Get back to Rebellion rewrites: Yup. Come at me for the rest of NaNo. And yes, I’m counting it to my word count (maybe). They’re words!

Blog everyday: Nope because life.

Visit WIPpeteersTomorrow!

In other news, I got my accommodation offer for Edinburgh, and booked my flights (spaceseat on Air New Zealand COME AT ME). Just over a month until I leave Australia!


Now onto WIPpet Wednesday.

Today’s WIPet is short.

WIPpet maths is I wrote this on the 19/11/2014. Aka today.

(Context: It’s the last line except for the epilogue)

And with that, she was gone.

Who is this she?  Where has she gone?

Sorry, can’t tell you, spoilers.  😛



29 thoughts on “Please tell me this happens to other writers… NaNo Day #19

  1. Yes, it’s completely normal. I was (almost) fine while writing one scene in the last book I drafted, but when it was done I was a mess. Like, full-on ugly cry, tears, runny nose, everything. I am glad it wasn’t the last scene, though! That’s rough.

  2. I would agree with Kate, in that it’s completely normal. So you can rest assured – you’re a ‘normal’ kind of weird 😉 Congratulations on finishing, and securing accommodation. It’s such an exciting time for you and I couldn’t be more thrilled. Nice teaser for WIPpet – we’re all echoing those final questions!

  3. WHAT! Seriously? Meany.

    I’ve never gotten to where I cried with a character (though I probably should). I giggle sometimes, though. 😛 Or I’ll get so wrapped in a scene, I mimic the faces I want my characters to make. Totally got caught in a bookstore the other day, Dude walked by with this, “what in the world is wrong with you?” expression while I twisted my face in agony. 😛

  4. that’s just evil!(and just the way I like it).
    If I start crying when I’m writing, I warn my CP. Because I know it’s going to make her cry. And then I rub my hands together and give a maniacal laugh. 😉

  5. I always seem to slow down at the end. I come a little undone. Well, sometimes a lot…sometimes it lasts for days…

    I don’t know whether it’s normal or not (‘m not exactly the best case study for normalcy…). But I know what you mean, and I hope your awesome news about Edinburgh is helping to buoy you again…that, and a sweet partner to tuck you in and love your teary self.

    I also hope you’re feeling much better now!

    And as for that line…I KNOW you’re going to give us more than that, sooner or later…because you might be writer-evil, but you’re not heartless!

    1. I think my problem was this was the first actual end in a while. The other endings to books I’ve done recently are the end of the first two books in a series, so it isn’t quite as final!

      I’m almost better, still sniffley but only coughing a few times a day! Yay!

      There will probably be more eventually, it relates to a pretty major part of one of my character’s development, so it will come up eventually!

      1. I totally know what you mean! Soft endings are easier than hard ones for me, too! I’m so happy that you’re feeling better, now. You had me a little worried there, for a while. Can’t wait to see more of what NaNo did for you. I just topped 85k; still not at the halfway point of the book…I might need an extra week or two to finish, but I’m still aiming to be done by month’s end. My characters just keep throwing up these surprises….and I love it!

  6. I’m dreading the end of EoD because it is also The End, and I’m not sure yet which way it will go. Which is odd, because I always have the ending written way ahead of anything else. But, yeah, I’ve brought myself to tears a few times. Like ReGi, I also make faces. That makes writing on breaks at work rather interesting when one of your co-workers notices. 😉

    Great line, evil genius.

  7. Whether I cry or not depends on the ending. But I tend to kill off a lot of my characters, so I’ve been known to cry when my books end. 🙂

    Congrats on finishing! That’s an amazing achievement.

  8. Yeah, I always fall apart a bit when I finish a manuscript. It’s a weird kind of catharsis.

    That line is intriguing, and I want to know the answers to the questions you posed!

  9. Amazing! Congratulations! I haven’t fallen apart yet at the finish, but I did write a scene, laugh at how it turned out, then run and tell my husband, “Guess what Kat just did?” And he’s like, “Who? What? You’re weird.” Weird is the best way to be. 🙂

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