Emerging Victorious – NaNo Day #12, WIPpet Wednesday and ROW

I have officially completed my second year of my Bachelor of Arts (Advanced) degree.

Can I get a woop woop?

It is a very good feeling.  No more assignments.  No more essays.  Exactly two months until I start uni again, in EDINBURGH!!!

Now I can focus on NaNo (and, you know, packing and stuff).

Goals update:

Reach at least 75,000 words for my NaNo novel: I’ve been so slack with writing so far this week due to the mad rush to finish uni.  I’m planning some big days Thursday and Friday, so I should get to my goal ok.

Blog every day this week with a NaNo update: I had nothing to update you all with yesterday, but hopefully the next to days will be more eventful.

Visit the WIPpeteers: My morning relax time tomorrow.

Submit politics report

Submit history essay 

WIPpet Wednesday 

Another short snippet today unfortunately.  Head ache and exhaustion and not wanting to edit and all that.  From chapter 12 of my NaNo WIP (tentatively titled Soul Mates) 

Rolando smiled sadly. “I never wanted this to come between us. I never thought it would. I thought if I hid it from everyone it would go away. But it hasn’t.

Now, if you don’t mind I’m off to bed!


22 thoughts on “Emerging Victorious – NaNo Day #12, WIPpet Wednesday and ROW

  1. *fist bump* Woop! Woop! *happy dance*

    Ah, Rolando, hiding things doesn’t make them go away, it just makes them rear their ugly heads at the most inopportune times.

  2. Woop! Woop! I’ll give you even more when you finish your degree =P

    And hasn’t everyone thought that at some point in their life? I think so. This is a very honest and open moment for him I sense. And I love moments like that. =P

  3. First off…*whoop, whoop.* It must be such a relief to get your assignments completed, and so exciting to be on the cusp of a new adventure. I hope you got plenty of rest, that your headache has eased, and that you have an awesome few days writing. The snippet was tantalising – the kind that makes you thirsty for more 🙂

  4. Congrats on finishing your second year, that’s great! Hope you enjoy Edinburgh. Confession – I live in south west England and I’ve never been to Scotland! I would like to eventually though. Hope you have fun. 🙂

    Oh and nice excerpt BTW. Poignant and intriguing.

      1. Oh awesome, I’d love to go to Bristol. My dad’s family is from Wales originally, but he was born near Liverpool. My mum’s family is Scottish, but they moved out to Australian earlier than dad’s family did.

  5. That’s interesting. My husband’s ancestors were Welsh. They were missionaries who changed their surname from Morgan to Jeremiah, hence my surname. Bristol is a great city BTW. Lots to see and do. 🙂

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