Life is too short to not eat chocolate – NaNo Day #10

10pm. I have written nothing for NaNo today.

Not a single, eensy word. I haven’t even opened Scrivener.

Ok. 10:02pm: Opened Scrivener. Have written 23 words.





Today has not been a NaNo day. It has been a strange day, a mix between a ‘you need a break take care of yourself’ day and a ‘you have two massive assignments due very soon’ day.

Boyf had the day off work, so we started the day by watching some YouTube in bed and going out for breakfast to our favourite little brekky place.  We had the same thing (but different drinks), which was adorable.  Then we went to visit boyf’s mum and the dogs, then went for an adventure to Spotlight which reminded me that Christmas is coming!!

Then we got home, and boyf tucked me into bed (which is also my study zone/general hanging out place).  I then watched some YouTube and had an accidental nap for an hour and a half.

Then it was 2pm.


Then I edited by politics project, which is almost ready to go.

Then it was 4:30pm, and I went to the supermarket and bought savoury shapes (THE BEST ONES), snack chocolate, violet crumble honey comb pieces, and Allen’s killer pythons.

Because life is too short to not eat chocolate.

Then I watched some Big Bang Theory because Mel says I have to take care of myself or else she’ll get out the rule book again.

Then boyf and I made dinner and I played my flute while we were waiting for it to cook and it was nice.

Then we watched more Big Bang Theory.

Then I told myself I was going to NaNo but instead I didn’t, because these things happen.  So I read blogs and procrastinated and found this post, which reminded me I hadn’t posted my Day 10 blog post yet.

Now, I think I’m going to give myself the night off.  I’m super tired (staying awake for more than about 7 hours is HARD ok), and I have a lot of edit work to get done tomorrow so I can finally be free!! And by free, I mean free to spend all day working on NaNo and editing.

Woop woop.

And, perfect timing, I’ve just finished my chocolate!


7 thoughts on “Life is too short to not eat chocolate – NaNo Day #10

  1. I say you deserve the ‘Woop’ because a) 23 words or 2300, they are valuable, and b) you edited an assignment; followed my rules; took time for yourself; ate chocolate; spent quality time with family and still managed to entertain us with your blog. So woop, woop for chilled Rachel – she’s not any less productive 🙂

  2. Rachel, everyone needs a regular “take care of yourself” day, even if they have a daily “take care of yourself” hour, and especially if they have two huge projects due AND blogging goals to keep AND a NaNoWriMo novel to write, AND a relationship to nurture. You’re doing well, even if you think you’re not – you’re trying to juggle so much, and you’ve hardly dropped anything. 😀

    1. Thank you Tammy! I’m getting a bit better at telling the perfectionist in me to calm down, but I still have a long way to go. Supportive blogging community people are definitely helping with that!

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