Hitting the wall or just priorities and pain? – NaNo Day #7

Check in: 9:05pm – Still haven’t written  anything today.  Well, that’s a lie.  I’ve written a lot, it just hasn’t been on NaNo.  Or even novelling.  It’s been for my politics report.  I finished (read: gave up) working on it at about 8pm, and since then I have eaten pizza and looked at some exchange stuff.

Will I write anything tonight?  Who knows!

In other news, my x-ray results came back clear.  No isolated pneumonia.  No fractured rib.  Much celebrating all round.

My side is still is excruciating pain, which is probably a muscle tear or ligament ouchy or something equally as un-quick-healing.  Le poop.

Funnest part of my day was obviously having to walk to the post office in 39 degree heat (102.2 degrees Fahrenheit), not being able to breath other than quick shallow breaths, and subsequently spending about 30 minutes on the couch trying not to hyperventilate and give myself a panic attack whilst home alone.

Don’t hide it, I know you’re jealous of my life.

Sarcasm aside, two of my black milk leggings arrived today (hence the trip to the post office).  I’ve bought a few on eBay because I like them and they’re comfy.  So far I have a galaxy pair, a giraffe print pair (because if you know me you know giraffes are my most favourite animal ever), leggings with Van Gogh’s ‘Starry Night’ printed on them, and leggings with the ‘Great Wave’ printed on them.  Still waiting on the Middle Earth map ones…


Check in #2: 9:59pm: 549 words down.  Incredible pain. I don’t think I’ll make it to 1,667 for the day.

Check in #3: 10:22pm: 859 words.  Too much pain. Going to eat ice cream and watch Big Bang Theory.



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