Lolwut – NaNo Day #6

I’m writing this at 6:04pm, and exactly 1 hour ago I hit 50k.


50,008 words to be precise (because obviously you should be precise about things like this).

I realise that it’s only day 6 of NaNo, but hitting 50k so early is actually great news for me!

1) This novel is going to be longer than 50k. I’m currently only half way through, which means I have another 50k (approximately) to write.

2) I also have 13 chapters of Rebellion to write and edit. That’s a lot of words.

3) I wanted to hit 50k because personal goals and so I’m super happy.

So, yeah. 50k. Woop woop.


In other news, I went to the doctor (“FINALLY!!” I hear you shouting. Shhh.)

I now have crazy strong antibiotics, crazy strong painkillers, and a chest x-ray I don’t have the results of yet to test for isolated pneumonia (coz I’m cool) and rib fractures etc.


Can I get a woop, woop?? No? I don’t blame you.


5 thoughts on “Lolwut – NaNo Day #6

  1. *bows low before your mightiness, and hopes you don’t cough something nasty…!*

    Amazing! Fastest I’ve ever gotten there is ten days. You rock! =D

    And I am so glad you went to the doctor. I hope that whatever is ailing you will be discovered and eradicated!

    Woop WOOP!

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