Disaster Strikes – NaNo Day 5, WIPpet Wednesday, ROW80 update



Flashing lights.

Disaster chocolate.

There is a chance that I may have fractured a rib from coughing so much.  Insert much pain here.

I was 16k into my aimed 25k day when this happened.  I have since written 594 words.

I have an excuse though.

So, my word count is currently sitting on 41,594, which is a very respectable word count for Day 5, but annoying considering where I wanted to be.  It also looks as though tomorrow will be filled with drs appointments and things like that, so I may have to reshuffle my schedule.

I’d sigh, but it hurts.

Also, I feel as though I should add that any word count is a good word count.  Everyone has different goals during NaNo, and all are equally as valid.  Some people aim to write the 1,667 words a day that will get them smack bang onto 50k on day 30.  Some people aim to write 1,667 words the entire month.  Some people aim to write 50k in a day.  Some people are in between.  No matter what your goals are, don’t compare yourself to others.  Your goal is your goal, and it’s awesome.



A quick ROW80 update, as there isn’t much to report.

Edit up to chapter 15 of Rebellion: I haven’t even started edits for this week, but it might happen.

Reach at least 30,000 words for my NaNo novel: Done this.  New aim, 50k.

Publish four blog posts: This will be my second for the week (excluding Monday).

Continue visiting other blogs as much as time allows: Not much better. I will at some stage.

Finish politics report/get bound: Going well, but if my doctor tells me that I’ve fractured my rib or ruptured my lung (the other option), I think I will be asking for an extension.  Because PAIN IN MY CHEST OMG THE PAIN.

Finish history essay: I have a first draft that just needs editing and a few more references, but again, OMG THE PAIN EXTENSION PLEASE.

Now onto WIPpet Wednesday, the blog hop of glory.

Today’s excerpt is the opening four words of my NaNo novel.  It’s four words because today is the 5th and I wrote it on the 1st and 5-1=4. #maths.  And before you get all ‘why only four words mahhh’ let me remind you that OMG THE PAIN GOD DAMMIT LEAVE ME TO EAT MY CHOCOLATE.

The people are revolting.

Yep. That’s all you get.


14 thoughts on “Disaster Strikes – NaNo Day 5, WIPpet Wednesday, ROW80 update

  1. I agree. The people ARE revolting. 😛 Sorry to hear you’re under the weather. Again. Hope it is not as serious as you’re thinking atm and that you’ll be right as rain soon. I hope this continued period of non-funness it in order to get it all out of your system before Edinburgh so that you can have a super rad fun time without illness/injury 😀

    1. I hope so too!! It’s getting a bit ridiculous. Seeing the dr today to work out what’s wrong. And if they say nothing I will politely explain that I have been coughing for 6 week and have now managed to put myself in much pain. I’m so excited for Edinburgh though! 😀 😀

    1. Classes are finished for me, so I’ve just had assignments, which are my priority on weekdays. I wrote 10k on the first day, 5k on the second, 3k on the third (uni assignments took priority), just under 7k on the fourth (uni assignments again), and I finished my uni work by midday yesterday so managed to smash out 16k. I also type very quickly – about 3k an hour on a good day!

  2. Who are the people? Why are they revolting? Are they revolting as in staging a revolt or as in very unattractive? Inquiring minds want to know! LOL

    Hope you’re on the mend soon.

  3. I read your post from today. So glad for you that it’s not a fractured rib. Hope you feel better soon. Will pray for you. Nice teaser of an excerpt. But is it: the people are revolting as in: they stink and they’re awful or is it: they’re protesting? 😉

    OK – so I think I know which it is but my husband and I always have a laugh when we hear that. Just our dumb sense of humour! 😀

    (And I see Amy’s made a similar comment!!)

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