Not long left now – WIPpet Wednesday and ROW80 Update

This is the last official week of uni for the semester. Forget that, for the year! Tomorrow I will (hopefully) make it to my final history lecture of 2014 after a meeting with my politics supervisor.  Then on Friday I have my presentation session for politics.  And then it’s over.  Just one 2,500 word essay to write and my 9,000 word report to edit before the 10th, and I will have finished my second year of uni! Which means I will only have one year left of undergrad, a semester of which (hopefully) will be spent in Edinburgh. I can barely contain my excitement!

In other news, I am still well and truly sick.  My mum keeps pestering me to go to the doctors, but I don’t feel as though they’ll be able to help me much, considering a course of antibiotics did nothing.  It’s become more of a head cold thing now (with continuing persistent cough), so I think I might wait it out another week and hope for the best.

A goals update so far:

Edit up to chapter 12 of Rebellion. I am half way through chapter 11. I feel confident I will achieve this goal.

Finalise NaNo planning. I’ve been doing more work on this too.  Hopefully tonight I’ll get more of my chapter outline done.

Revise editing schedule for Rebellion and make schedule for NaNo. Done. Feeling confident about what I can achieve in NaNo.

Finish The Night Circus. According to Goodreads I am 80% finished.  Hopefully I’ll knock out the remaining 20% tonight, but then again I want to draw it out…

Publish four blog posts. This will make three. On target.

Continue visiting and commenting on blog, and visit at least 5 new blogs. I’ve been less happy with this so far, I’ve been so busy that I just keep forgetting.  I’ve done pretty well though…

Finish politics draft and do major edits of sections. Successfully completed this morning! Hooray!!

Meet with tutor and do in depth history research. On the schedule for tomorrow morning.

So yeah, more success so far, which makes me all warm and fuzzy inside!


Now onto WIPpet Wednesday, the weekly blog hop where super talented WIPpeteers share snippets from their WIPs, all under the leadership of K.L. Schwengel.

This will probably be my last Rebellion WIPpet for a little while (until my NaNo project gets too spoilery).  Because of that, I thought I might be nice and share something with you (it isn’t really spoilery).  You all remember Siri, from recent weeks?  And how you were wondering what her ‘talent’ was…

(Today’s WIPpet math is easy – this is from chapter 10, for October.)

She would kill Lord Rolando, and everyone would know she had done it.  She would be a hero, even if she didn’t live to see it happen.


Happy Wednesday!


28 thoughts on “Not long left now – WIPpet Wednesday and ROW80 Update

  1. Whoa! Now I have a million and one questions…way to get your hooks in us 😉 And we’re going to have to wait! Though I’m excited to learn more about the NaNo project. Awesome work towards your goals – you’re rocking this round 🙂

  2. 9000 word report in second year uni?! what on Earth are you studying?! (or did I get off easy with max. 3000 word requirements?)

    Ooh, I really like this except! It raises some big questions and has a great tone.

  3. Wow, great job on keeping up with the goals while being sick! It sucks and is hard to do. I totally get the doctor thing though. I did that when I had the flu (though I didn’t know I had the flu at the time as I was convinced it was a nasty cold for about 2 weeks). Anyway, yay for university almost being at an end for awhile! It’ll be nice to have a break.

    Great excerpt. Really leaves me wondering how she intends to accomplish it, and how that’ll all play out in the end. I’m sure something will go wrong in the process–it usually does.

  4. Aw, I’m sorry you’re still sick. But congratulations on being so close to done for the semester!

    Great snippet. Makes me wonder what she’s got planned that she won’t live through it. Amazing what can be said in just a couple of sentences!

  5. Wait… What? But I thought- *sniffles* I thought you were going to reveal the secret to us. 😦 *sniff, sniff*

    😛 That was an excellent tease!

    Re: sick. Consider the possibility of allergic rhinitis. Through high school and college I got “colds” that lasted weeks or months and often turned into something like bronchitis. Eventually I learned it was just one out-of-control allergy attack after another. Antibiotics do nothing for it.

  6. Just enough to really tantalize!

    I want you to feel better. Maybe your break will help with that…we can hope, anyway.

    My 13yo has had an intermittent cough and sore throat for a week or so. It’s not slowing hi down, and not getting worse…we’re thinking it’s more likely allergies than infection….

    Excellent progress. Keeping fingers crossed for your Edinburgh semester! =)

      1. Other than the annoying cough and sore throat, he’s fine. Could possibly have more to do with the fact that his voice is changing…but he’s always tended to keep the cough a lot longer than he does the illness that brought it on…with them not being in school, they’re really seldom sick, and when they are, they can just do what they need to to feel better.I want to reach through the computer and make YOU feel better….it’s the mom in me!

      2. You’re so sweet! I’m the same, coughs tend to hang around a lot longer than everything else. Which is concerning, considering how long this has already been hanging around…

  7. I have to agree with your mum — I think its about time you went to the doctor! This has been dragging on much too long, young lady. *g*

    Nice intriguing little mini-snippet there!

  8. I once got stopped by a little old lady in the supermarket who heard my terrible cough that had been nagging me for months (this was about 12 years ago) and she told me to get some Apple Cider Vinegar and take a tablespoon in the morning and a tablespoon at night every day till the cough went away. She also said ‘don’t get the cheap stuff’.
    Well, considering how disgusting the ‘good’ stuff was, I shudder to think of what the cheap stuff would have tasted like! Nevertheless, it DID cure my cough after about a week and a half of treatment, after months of agony (and a sprained rib). Had no effect on my whooping cough but you know, that’s a whole other beast.
    Anyway I just remembered it so give it a try! I haven’t actually had a true ‘nagging’ painful cough since the last time I used this remedy.

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