Another Sunday, Another Coughing Fit – ROW80 Check In

That’s right folks, I’m still sick. I will be heading back to the doctor some time this week to explain that the antibiotics did not help and that if it’s all the same to them I’d perhaps like to get better soon.

This week was pretty successful despite being sick.  My focus shifted slightly from where I intended it to be, but this was a largely productive shift and therefore I’m not complaining!

Edit up to chapter 12 of Rebellion. I have edited up to the start of chapter 9. But this is ok. More explained below.

More detailed planning for NaNo novel. Detailed planning = multiple thousand words of plotting. Which makes me so happy! Editing Rebellion is still super important, but so is NaNo, and it’s nice to know that come November 1st I will have a very detailed plan to work off!

Read another two chapters of Harry’s Game and finish at least one novel. I am currently 54% of the way through The Night Circus, and haven’t read any more of Harry’s Game. I blame this on a combination of terrible sickness at the start of the week and need to prioritise other tasks at the end of the week.

Publish four blog posts.  Success.

Continue visiting and commenting on blogs. Success. I think I visited about 30 and commented on all of them!

Finish politics draft. I still have the conclusion to go, but that’s ok.

History essay research.  Lots and lots of planning done, beginning of research.

Complete exchange application. Almost ready to submit tomorrow.

So, yeah. I’m happy with my progress considering how sick I’ve been feeling and how much I just want to curl up into a ball and eat chocolate.

Now my goals for this week!

Edit up to chapter 12 of Rebellion. I WILL GET THERE. It’s only 4 chapters!

Finalise NaNo planning. I just need to finish up my chapter notes and do some basic character sketches.  Thankfully, as this is part of Rolando’s backstory I’m pretty familiar with everything, so it won’t take hours of attempting to work things out. And it will be fun!

Revise editing schedule for Rebellion and make schedule for NaNo. I like to be organised. It helps with productivity.

Finish The Night Circus. I’m pretty sure I should be able to do this as I am enjoying it so much I never want to put it down!

Publish four blog posts. I have these planned in my head, and I’m going to set reminders and schedule time to write them.

Continue visiting and commenting on blog, and visit at least 5 new blogs. My new internet friends are awesome! I want more!

Finish politics draft and do major edits of sections. The earlier sections need some SERIOUS revision. So that’s my aim, to have a working draft I can edit and get people to read.

Meet with tutor and do in depth history research. Pretty self explanatory. I have my essay all planned out, now I just need examples.

Hope you all had a good week (I’ll probably be round to see you tomororw, I’m super exhausted!)




15 thoughts on “Another Sunday, Another Coughing Fit – ROW80 Check In

  1. Wow, you must be warrior Rachel, achieving so much while the sickness tries to drag you down. You go, girl. I’m health as a horse and didn’t achieve all that! Have a great coming week 🙂

  2. It sounds like you truly are not letting your illness get you down. We are seeing a lot of people at my clinic with this cough that drags on forever, no matter what we throw at it. But we haven’t lost anyone yet, so tell yourself, “this too shall pass”. Keep going on those goals, you are doing awesome.

  3. Whenever I’m sick I do very little and you manage to get more done than me on a good day! Kudos! And good choice of reading material! The Night Circus is a NaNoWriMo novel, I believe! 🙂

  4. Outstanding progress despite that creeping crud that won’t go away! Did you write more about HOW you prepared for Nano? That just might help a few other folks. Otherwise, your productivity is truly fine. I’m hoping you feel much better soon and that your doctor will give you some useful advice on what to do!

    1. I’m planning on writing a detailed NaNo prep post this week. I was originally going to put it up on Friday but I might actually write it tonight so people can read it if they want before NaNo starts.

  5. Somehow I was sick by proxy (hubs), and let myself slack off. You’re making me feel guilty with how much you accomplished while *actually* sick. Well done, you! 🙂

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