In search of happiness – Friday Catch Up

So, these Friday posts are becoming a thing.  They even have their own (dodgy) title.  They are quite different from the things I usually post, but sometimes it’s nice just to chat.  So, grab your choice of warm beverage, and let’s chat.

Hold on. I don’t have a warm beverage yet!

Ok, I’m back. But with disastrous news.  That was the last Chamomile and Spearmint tea bag. Drats. I also have bikkies! 😀


So, those of you who have been around for a while may remember my semi-breakdown in July, the one where I freaked out about not having achieved anything.

Yeah, that was part of a long series of mini-breakdowns that lasted many months.  During first semester this year (I don’t exactly remember when, maybe April), my brain thought ‘you know what, you haven’t had anything mess with you for a few months.  Let’s have an existential crisis. That’ll be fun.’

It wasn’t.

It hung around for MONTHS

Then, a few weeks ago, I had an epiphany.

Not a fun one.  A disaster induced one.  But still.

I realised that  I’d stopped doing the things that make me happy.  Not on purpose, I just didn’t have the time.  How ridiculous is that?

I was still doing ‘things’, you know, going shopping, watching TV, going to the movies.  But not things that made me really, truly happy.  That warm feeling you get when you’re doing that thing that’s just for you.

So, I have committed to doing more of the things that make me happy, even if that means putting other things on hold once in a while. I’m going to share my list with you, because I like lists.

  1. Reading books.  I have not read many books since I finished school two years ago.  I felt like I didn’t have any time or brain power.  That’s all changing though.
  2. Eating the foods I love.  I have definitely been doing that this week.  Bikkies with cheese and vegemite.  Chicken pie.  Bikkies with ham and cheese.  Mountain bread.
  3. Exercising. Not that stupid running shit.  You know how Jack Sparrow runs?  With the flailing arms?  That is legimitately me.  But without Johnny Depp’s sexiness, so I can’t pull it off. I’ve gotten back into pilates, and I’m hoping to even get back into team sports or gymnastics or trampolining next year. And horse riding. Getting back into horse riding is the dream.
  4. Wearing nice clothes just because. A lot of the people around me have quite a casual dress sense.  Which I like, but sometimes I like just feeling a little bit fancy.  So I want to do this more.
  5. Writing. Spending time each day writing, or thinking about writing. Writing makes me incredibly happy.  I should do it more.
  6. Playing music. I live in a house without a piano (I can’t even describe my pain), most of my flute music is locked away in boyf’s parent’s shed, and I can’t really use their piano because when I’m over everyone is over and that would be rude. I don’t know how, but I desperately want to get back into my music again.  Especially piano and singing.
  7. Dreaming of the future. It may be weird, but I love to google places I want to visit, look at hotels, look at attractions, think about what I’d do there.  I love to browse the Ikea website and other furniture stores and think about what I’d love to buy to put into a future house.  I love to look online at clothes and bags and shoes I’ve promised myself as a reward for hitting my weight loss goals.  Although I’m all about living in the present, sometimes it’s nice to dream of the future.

So that’s my list of seven things, because 7 is one of my favourite numbers (it’s actually 21, but I have A LOT to do tonight…).  My challenge to you is to pick your favourite number and make a list of that many things that make you happy.  You can share it here in the comments or just keep it to yourself, but do it.

Don’t forget what makes you happy!


2 thoughts on “In search of happiness – Friday Catch Up

  1. Great post, Rachel. My favourite number is 13, so I apologise it’s a lengthy list – I won’t explain, or put them in order, but they include; spending time with my daughters; spending time with my nephew and other family (note the priority – I get into trouble for that, but little Z-man is gorgeous!); writing; reading; superheroes (DC/Marvel…love me); watching movies; tv programmes; having a second language (I want more); yellow (I adore the colour); drawing; travelling; photography and girly nights. That was fun 🙂 I didn’t mention days like today. I’m having a lazy day, and I used to feel so guilty about doing nothing, it ate away at any enjoyment. But then I made my rule, and as I don’t particularly like to break the rules, I stick to it…me time…yay!

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