Bodily fluids, anyone? – WIPpet Wednesday and ROW80 check in

I am still sick. Huzzah.  In fact, Monday and Tuesday were my worst days so far.  A fever arrived to accompany the cough, mucus filled lungs, headache, ear ache, and blocked nose.  I’ve been living off mostly dry cornflakes (sorry cereal is my nemesis), Sao bickies with an assortment of cheese, vegemite, and ham, and tonight a glorious chicken pie.  To me, these are all delicious comfort foods believe it or not, but also a sign of how utterly miserable I’ve been feeling.  Today was a bit better though, so onwards and upwards?

I’ll start with my ROW80 update because I am a firm believer of saving the best until last (no offence ROW80).

Considering I spent all of yesterday in a world of fever/flu/pain and didn’t achieve a single thing (ok, perhaps 500 words or so, which for me is embarrassingly few), I’m pretty happy at where I am with my goals so far.

Edit up to chapter 12 of Rebellion. I am half way through chapter 8 at the moment, so right on track (as long as I finish it tonight…)

More detailed planning for NaNo novel. I spent a great deal of today fleshing out my plot, and it has turned into a bigger task than I anticipated…more planning to come I think.

Read another two chapters of Harry’s Game and finish at least one novel. I’m currently 131 pages into The Night Circus and barely able to put it down once I start (I literally have to force myself).  I haven’t read any more of Harry’s Game but there’s plenty of week still left for that.

Publish four blog posts.  Today makes 3.  Sunday’s check in, Monday’s book review of Bound by Kate Sparkes, and today’s WIPpet.  One to go on Friday!

Continue visiting and commenting on blogs. Much success.  I made a list, and on Monday alone I managed to visit/comment on 10 blogs! Hooray!

Finish politics draft. Friday is politics day.

History essay research.  Although I haven’t started research I’ve done a lot of planning which has made things a lot clearer.  I start research tomorrow.

Complete exchange application. I just need an academic reference, a personal statement, and my transcript and then I’m done!

So yeah, much success! Yay!


Now onto WIPpet Wednesday, the wondrous blog hop hosted by the fearsome K.L. Schwengel (fearsome in a good way…).  Fellow WIPpeteers can be found here (including Kate Sparkes), come join us!

Thanks to everyone for the overwhelming response last week!  I was really worried about posting that snippet, but you all seemed to love it!

I’ve realised that I post a lot of ‘_ sentences’ WIPpet maths.  I will try to alter this.  But not today.  Today, I have 23 sentences (22nd+ an extra) from the start of chapter 8 (because I’m writing this between 8pm and 9pm) of Rebellion, the chapter I’m currently writing.


Reaching at the heavy wooden door, Viggo paused before pushing it open.  “Ready?”

Next to him, Jasper shrugged petulantly, whilst Taura and Siri nodded.  The tavern reeked overwhelmingly of the cheap alcohol readily available, mixed with the more subdued stench of unwashed sailors, piss, and vomit.  A man stumbled towards the exit, narrowly missing them as his own vomit added to the smell.


Viggo rolled his eyes pointedly at Jasper, a warning.  He had become almost insufferable, his sarcasm now a permanent feature.  The only person who seemed to have the patience to tolerate him was Siri, although considering the way she had glared at him all night it seemed even she had given up.  His only conversation with Taura had occurred shortly after she arrived at the small safe-house they had been resting in. Taura’s only participation had been an abrupt slap in response to one of Jasper’s more lewd comments.  Now, Viggo knew, he was sulking, upset that Viggo had declared he would be the lookout.  It had been a heated argument, and neither of the girls had wanted to be involved in it.  “You’re just too moody.  Besides, you’ve got good eyes, you make a good guard.”  It had been a vain attempt on Viggo’s behalf to attempt to win Jasper over, and it hadn’t worked.  “Siri’s better suited.”  He had shot back, bringing up the secret both had agreed to keep quiet.  After the incident by the side of the road it hadn’t taken long to determine Siri’s talent, although why she was accompanying them Viggo still hadn’t figured out.  Their conversation hadn’t progressed any further, and now, throwing one last glare at Viggo, Jasper skulked towards a table close to the door, his hand resting inconspicuously on where Viggo knew his hidden blade lay.  “Behave.”  Viggo mouthed, before turning back to where Siri and Taura waited.  “Are they here yet?”


40 thoughts on “Bodily fluids, anyone? – WIPpet Wednesday and ROW80 check in

  1. Okay, I admit, I flashed right to an image of Viggo Mortenson because…well…all the reasons. It was hard to get that out of my mind. Anyhow, very nice snippet. Sets up some character interactions and relationships, and a bit of tension to boot.

  2. Sorry to hear you’re still sick. 😦 But how good is The Night Circus?? I had the same problem when I was reading it (if that can be called a problem :P). I really liked the interactions between the characters in this exceprt and it seems to be heading somewhere very interesting. 😀 My only criticism would be that you use the word ‘had’ a lot.

    1. It’s somewhat of a problem when I have so much else to do! I’ll have another look over the excerpt once I finish the chapter, and I’ll keep a look out for the word ‘had’. Thanks! 🙂

  3. How horrible that you’re still sick. I get the chicken pie as a comfort food… the rest are quite interesting! I do hope you feel better soon, and I continue to be impressed by your ability to get stuff done even when you must be miserable.

    I’m interested to see what you think of the Night Circus when you’re done. I had mixed feelings. I’m still confused. 🙂

      1. I adored the writing. I wanted to wrap it around me like a quilt and fall asleep. Loved the descriptions of the circus and everything else, and I want to go live in that world. It was other things that left me cold. But no spoilers. Maybe we’ll talk about it some day. 🙂

  4. Aw, I’m sorry you’ve been so sick. That’s no fun. 😦

    “He had become almost insufferable, his sarcasm now a permanent feature.”<—me on a bad day. LOL!

  5. So sorry you’re still sick. It’s been miserable, wet, and gray here, and all I want to do is curl up with a blanket and a book, so I can’t imagine how bad off I’d be if I was sick on top of it. Get feeling better soon!

  6. Hope you feel better soon!!!

    Thus far, I’ve really enjoyed your WIP. 🙂 I feel like flipping back several pages to find out about Siri’s talent. Somehow, though, I’m guessing that would be a spoiler and you don’t plan on telling us. *pouts* Either that or I missed something.

    1. You’re right, I don’t plan on telling you. It is most definitely a spoiler. 😛 I’m glad you’ve enjoyed my WIP! Perhaps one day in the future when it’s finished you’ll even buy it! :O

  7. So sorry to hear you’re still sick, Rachel! Hope you’re finally feeling better soon. *hugs*

    Like Kathi, I couldn’t get Viggo Mortenson out of my mind either while reading this. 🙂

    1. Yay hugs! I think I’m beginning to get better (although I’ve said that before…) Still lots of coughing but I felt strong enough today to go into uni and do some exercise, so that’s a start!

      I may need to give Viggo a new name is everyone keeps imagining him as Viggo Mortenson! :O

  8. I like the back story going on here about the argument between Viggo and Jasper. The tension you’ve described is very real. Their characters come to the fore even in this small scene. Good stuff! 🙂

  9. Take care of that cold. You’re at the wet stage, which generally means it’s almost resolved, but get some rest. All things considered, you had a very good part-of-a-week!

  10. This illness just won’t give you a break. But, I think you are so awesome for working through it all. Comfort food is powering the awesome, so keep it up! 🙂

    I would definitely not want to go to that establishment for a drink. It sounds terrible and like troubles brewing. I like the hints being dropped and the stuff you’re saying/not saying.

  11. Damn, pesky illness, it seems to be a determined bugger! I hope you’re over the worst, and I have to totally agree on your summary for ROW80 *crowd-roaring cheer* much progress…YAY!

    Loved the snippet, especially the descriptions – I felt like I was in that tavern and, man…it did not smell good!

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