On the mend – ROW80 Update

You heard it here first folks! I am getting better!! I’m still not ‘well’ by any means yet, I’m coughing away and lethargic and still sick, but I’ve definitely improved since last week.  I personally think the well wishes from all you lovely people (Mel and Shanjeniah especially) and the permission to eat a lot of chocolate (I did, and everyone judged me, but not you, internet friends!) helped just as much as the antibiotics and bed rest.

This week was not as productive as it would otherwise have been in the sense that I didn’t write much.  But aside from that I was incredibly productive.  I gave myself time to rest, rejuvenated my imagination and creativeness (creativity is a boring word), and surprisingly feel considerably less overwhelmed than I expected to be feeling at this point in time!

So, a recap of this week:

Edit chapters 6-12 of Rebellion.  I did not achieve this.  I am still up to chapter 7.  BUT I have had time to consolidate ideas, so I feel ready for this week!

Begin basic planning for NaNo. Success! Not too much to give away yet, but stay tuned!

Keep reading Harry’s Game and start another book.  Much more success than anticipated! I have read another few chapters of Harry’s Game, and FINISHED two books.  I read Bound by the wondrous Kate Sparkes on Friday night (review coming tomorrow), and The Virgin Suicides today (review coming soon).  Success makes me happy.

Publish two blog posts on top of ROW80 and WIPpet updates. More success.  On Monday I reviewed Gone Girl and Friday saw a general life update.  Hooray!

Visit and comment on 15 blogs. Definite success.  Yay internet friends!

Additional 2,000 words on politics project draft. My inability to form coherent sentences prevented this from occurring.

Additional research for my history essay. Put on hold until this week.

Work out options with my course coordinator for exchange and start application. All clear received.  Application planned out. Success!

All in all, a pretty successful week if you ask me.  On Friday I also talked about the things I had discovered whilst being sick.  I have one more deep engagement to add to this.  The Lizzie Bennet Diaries.  I watched all 100 episodes this weekend and loved every minute of it.  As many of you will remember, I am NOT a fan of Jane Austen.  I absolutely loved this web series though.  I suggest you watch it, even if you hate Austen like I do!


Now, onto this week.  As I said I am on the mend, but I still don’t want to push myself this week and have a repeat of last week with the sickness and the pain and the ergh. I’m still pretty confident with what I’ll be able to accomplish though!

Edit up to chapter 12 of Rebellion. Although this technically puts me a week behind schedule, that schedule was created to allow weeks like this to happen.  So really, I’m right on track!

More detailed planning for NaNo novel. I’ve got the basic plot, now to start outlines, pov, all that juicy fun stuff!

Read another two chapters of Harry’s Game and finish at least one novel. I’m still undecided on what to read next. Suggestions are very welcome (I’ll be buying a new book tomorrow), or you can check out my Goodreads want to read list and suggest from that!

Publish four blog posts.  I’m planning on drafting most of these tonight actually. Today’s ROW update, tomorrow’s book review, Wednesday’s WIPpet, and Friday’s catch up.

Continue visiting and commenting on blogs. MORE FRIENDS!

Finish politics draft. This will bring me back on track after last week and give me two solid weeks of editing before my project is due.

History essay research.  Read books.  Read journal articles. Read primary sources. Etc etc.

Complete exchange application. Self explanatory.

I hope you all had a successful week (whatever that means to you)! See you all tomorrow (or Wednesday if you’re only here for the updates…).


29 thoughts on “On the mend – ROW80 Update

  1. I’d say you’ve had an incredibly successful week – you can’t keep productive Rachel down for long 🙂 I’m glad I could help in some small way. I come baring healthy gifts today (sorry), mainly because I spent yesterday shovelling sugary treats into my mouth all day and I have a kind of glucose-induced hangover! Good luck with your goals this week – I’ll catch up with you soon 🙂

  2. Yay! So glad you’re feeling better and on top of all your goals. 😀 As for book recommendations, I was going to say the Murakami but then I saw the Night Circus on your list and Neil Gaiman’s Neverwhere and then the Book Thief and now I honestly don’t know which of those I want to recommend most.

  3. Wow you seem busy. But then if I start listing everything I have in front of me for the next week my list will be almost as long. CS Lewis used to welcome a sickness so that he could catch up on his reading. He also took long walks for his creativeness.

    1. Sickness definitely helped me catch up on my reading! It’s amazing how quickly tasks can build up in front of us and until we sit down and list them all we don’t realise how enormous the list is!

    1. Oooh I want to read Maus so badly! I’m not sure if I should wait to buy an actual copy though. I’m currently trying to read everything on my iPad so I don’t have to take books with me on exchange next year…

  4. Have you read Life of Pi? I found that delightful! Also, if you like fantasy, and want something you can engage in for a looongggg time, the Wheel of Time series is phenomenal, on a grand and epic scale!

      1. The Wheel of Time series is – consuming is a good word. Tens of thousands of pages, numerous well-developed cultures, magic, politics, war, intrigue, magic, prophecy, assorted mythologies…

        It’s an incredibly rich tapestry…fourteen books so far, I believe….At Book 10, I had Mom stuff to do, and don’t dare fall back in quite yet, because I might not come up fro air for a while….

        Life of Pi was wonderfully unique, deep with imagery, and perception-twisting. And that’s all I’m gonna say, because I wouldn’t want to spoil anything for you!

        Whatever you choose, may it delight!

      2. I think I’ll read Life of Pi next. I might have to save The Wheel of Time series for when I can afford to have my entire life consumed by what sounds like an amazing series!

  5. I got so excited there that i forgot to congratulate you on being on the upswing, and making good use of the downtime! I love that you’ve built in the time for life to do what it’s gonna do. Because, well, it will anyway…

    Maybe it was all that chcocolate the helped you turn the corner…

  6. Rachel, glad you are feeling better!

    Radelaide is one of the few big cities in Australia I haven’t visited, but I’ve got an awesome friend from there, and I’d loooove to get down there next time I’m in Oz…

    Best of luck with your next week of reading, writing, commenting and editing!

    And you might enjoy “The Perfidious Mister Wickham” – he doesn’t care for Jane Austen, either!

    See you next week!

  7. Really glad to hear you are doing better! I loved “the Lizzie Bennet Diaries” and watched it when it was coming out. However, I didn’t dig “Welcome to Sanditon” even though it had Gigi in it. I’m currently watching “Emma Approved” while I huff and puff on the treadmill. I think “Clueless” was a better modernization of “Emma.” Thankfully, they seem to be moving away from Austen, and I am interested to see what they do with “Frankenstein MD,” which is currently releasing and done in partnership with PBS Digital. I’ll likely wait until it is done and add it to my treadmill time watching. (I obviously watch way too much YouTube.)

    I wish you the best with your continued recovery and your goals this week! 🙂

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