The struggles of being sick – check in and WIPpet

Since Monday, my sickness (which until that point had just been a persistent cough and a bit of a blocked nose in the morning) has rapidly escalated to the point where I have now spent the past two days in bed.  No uni.  No writing.  Not even much reading. I couldn’t even exercise today.  I have watched about 250 YouTube videos though, so…yay me?  I know you’ll all tell me not to beat myself up about needing to rest my body, and I’m not, promise.  It’s just frustrating when your productivity is halted by something as unshiftable as illness.  It’s not like procrastination or lack of materials or lack of inspiration where you can find a way to get over it and regain productivity in a relatively short amount of time.  I just have to wait.  And go to the doctor if I don’t get better any time soon, although I’m pretty sure I just have a viral chest infection anyway, so there isn’t much I can do but wait.  Boyf has also been quite sick the past few days, which means we’ve spent a lot of time moping around together, getting nice foods for lunch and watching TV shows and YouTube videos.  Which is lovely, but also super frustrating considering how much I have to do.

It hasn’t been all bad however.  I’ve made myself a Goodreads account and a Pinterest thingy, and once I’ve done a little more sorting out etc I’ll make them public so you can see them.  I’ve been trying to remember all the books I own (they’re unfortunately all locked away in boyf’s parent’s shed which is INCREDIBLY frustrating) and scouring the internet for beautiful images that inspire me for my stories.

So, how am I going with my goals for this week?  Obviously off to a slow start, but I’m hoping I can really get back on track for the rest of this week (with some slight goal tweaking).

  • Edit chapters 6-12 of Rebellion.  I am up to chapter 7.  So, two chapters behind my ideal point, but I’m hoping that some solid work the rest of this week will get me to chapter 12. I’m aiming for a chapter each tomorrow, Friday, and Saturday, and then two chapters on Sunday, which will bring me to then end of chapter 12!
  • Begin basic planning for NaNo. I’ve been doing a bit of thinking, but am yet to jot anything down. I think that will happen tomorrow regardless of illness as it isn’t too strenuous.
  • Keep reading Harry’s Game and start another bookI’ve read a bit more of Harry’s Game. New book has been scrapped due to aforementioned illness and general inability to do much.
  • Publish two blog posts on top of ROW80 and WIPpet updates. My review of Gone Girl went up on Monday, go and check it out if you’re interested.  I already have a post in mind for Friday as well, so…check?
  • Visit and comment on 15 blogs. I’m not sure if I’ve gotten to 15 yet, but I’ve definitely visited quite a few.  Combined with my WIPpet Wednesday visits tomorrow I should have well over 15! Success!
  • Additional 2,000 words on politics project draft. Friday is my politics writing day, so not yet.
  • Additional research for my history essay. I’ve got a bunch of books to read, which I’m planning on starting next week.  The essay is only 2,500 words long and not due for almost another month, so I think I can give myself a break for this week.
  • Work out options with my course coordinator for exchange and start application. Yes.  I will hopefully have an email from him tomorrow giving me the all clear for a subject, then applications can start!

Now that all that is over, it’s time for the fun part! WIPpet Wednesday is the genius idea of K.L. Schwengel in which fellow bloggers share snippets for their WIPs that somehow correspond to the date. You can find us all here!

In today’s WIPpet, you all get to meet Jacabo, although not necessarily under the circumstances he’d like.  But I haven’t written his next POV chapter yet so he doesn’t really have a choice.  Besides, I need some feedback on this bit.

I have 25 sentences, (15+10) which might even be my longest WIPpet yet.  Huzzah.  Necessary context (as the snippet begins at the end of a paragraph), Jacabo has been talking to a twelve year old boy named Sam in the Rebellion safehouse.

Sighing, Jacabo stepped forwards.  He hated this part. “Because I’m a liar.”
Before the boy could respond, Jacabo pulled him to his feet and slid the dagger neatly across his trembling throat.

I’m going to vomit. Standing clumsily, Jacabo lurched away from Sam’s corpse and towards the door. He could feel blood dripping off his hands and smell it clinging to him. Even from behind, it was difficult to avoid the blood. I am definitely going to vomit.  Glancing down, he saw the bloody handprint on his sleeve from where the boy had clawed at him, already spluttering and gurgling as he tried to force himself to breath.  He hadn’t taken long to die. Once the boy’s struggling and gasping had stopped however, Jacabo had found himself unable to release the lifeless body, sinking to the ground alongside it. It was unavoidable, but that didn’t make it any easier.  Anyone could talk, and Sam had proved beyond a doubt that coaxing him to talk was dangerously easy.  No matter how young he was, he was still a threat.  No one at the Rebellion knew who Jacabo was or what he looked like, mostly the result of his strict policy of concealing his identity with blades.  Well, Lord Rolando’s strict policy.  He had heard that killing got easier with time, but clearly not enough time had passed for him.  The metallic scent of the blood stung at his throat, making him cough and lurch towards the corner of the room.  “Fuck.”

Wiping the vomit from the side of his mouth, Jacabo straightened.  The idea of the sight of himself almost made him laugh. An assassin who doesn’t like blood.  It was almost amusing.  Almost.


39 thoughts on “The struggles of being sick – check in and WIPpet

  1. Wow. Now this is a side of assassins not normally seen. I love it. As disgusting and visceral as it is, I love it. You’ve taken a cliché killer trope and landed it on its head. Well done.

  2. I would have to tell you that for being sick you have done quite well on your goals. I’ve been sick too and haven’t gotten a thing done all week! Best wishes moving forward. It sounds like you have it together and are going to do just fine.

    1. Thank you! I think I formed a habit during school to use my sick days as productively as possible doing things I wouldn’t normally do. I guess this time it’s been pinterest and goodreads! Good luck with your goals as well! 🙂

  3. You’re the furthest thing from useless there is (though we might have to have words about those youtube videos!). I’m sorry to hear that you’re feeling sick. Today I have a dose of cough medicine (with a touch of get-well magic), and a share-sized bar of chocolate (with a touch of guilt-free magic). They’re for you, with a virtual hug and a high five for all you managed to achieve while feeling miserable. Seriously, you should feel good about the things you managed to tick off this week, despite feeling crappy.

    Now, onto the snippet. I adore Jacabo. He’s so magnetic, and I enjoyed this look into his emotional conflicts. Though graphic, the scene was powerfully compelling – I could almost smell the blood too. I want to vomit as much as Jacabo and I didn’t even do anything! Great work 🙂

  4. You get the gold star for YouTubeing this week, for sure. However, I don’t think you can describe yourself as useless with the progress you’ve made on your goals. I have one, which is to finish my WIP before NaNo and I’m failing miserably and I’m not sick. So there. LOL. I loved this bit of excerpt. It was disgusting and visceral and raw and just fantastic. Great job.

    1. At least they were videos about books! And I’m beginning to realise I’m not useless. I’m sure you’re not failing as miserably as you think! 🙂 Glad you enjoyed the excerpt in all its visceral disgustingness!

  5. I hope you feel better soon!! I admire that you managed to do so much despite being sick. I can’t do anything whenever I’m sick! And yay for Pinterest! I’ve got a profile there but I’m also establishing a new one that’s just Writing, Reading, Studying and Blogging related 🙂

  6. It sounds like you’re doing quite well on your goals, sickness notwithstanding. I’m quite happy to hear that you’re not beating yourself up for being ‘useless’ – I seem to remember a young girl not too long ago, feeling like a failure for not ruling the world before she was 20. 😉 You’re doing great compared to her! And boy, do I understand the frustration of having to wait out a recovery from sickness or whatever, when you really don’t have any choice but to put things on hold. Again, you’re doing just fine. 🙂 You have a lot on your plate, and you managed to get a lot accomplished while feeling absolutely crappy, and that is something you can be very proud of. Best of luck with your goals, and I hope you get that email soon! 8-D

    1. Oh my goodness! I have come a long way since that girl haven’t I! I have to say, it’s partially due to all the support from bloggers like yourself reminding mmy perfectionist side that it’s ok to have rest days and not be perfect all the time! 🙂

  7. Good job on keeping up with as much as you can while sick. It’s tough and it sucks hard core, but you’ve managed. Oh and get better soon! lots of hot tea.

    This is a great excerpt. I assume it’s harder to kill a kid than an adult, all that projected innocence and such. It is an interesting paradox you’ve supplied at the end.

    Feel better!

  8. Gosh this is heavy stuff Rachel! But very well written – and the irony of an assassin who doesn’t like blood isn’t lost on me either!! (I think I’d make a crap assassin by the way as I hate blood even more than Jacobo!!)

    The excerpt pulled me in from the first line and I got a good sense of Jacobo’s character and motivations even in this (relatively!) short passage. Good stuff! 🙂

  9. Sick, and still making progress? Kudos to you! Feel better, and try some elderberry syrup if you can find it. I make my own at home on the cheap (it’s a great antiviral) but you can get it at health food stores and stuff. Take care and happy writing (or YouTubing)!

  10. I too was sick this week, though not as badly, so I understand your struggle. Hope you get better soon. It doesn’t sound like it slowed you down too much on your goals though, so that’s good. Jacabo sounds like an interesting character and that scene was great 🙂

  11. I’m so sorry you are worse. I can only hope that it gets better soon for you. Good work thus far. Loved the snippet. Assassins can often be made too easily (like they were “meant” for it). Seeing it done this way was very cool.

      1. Glad to hear it! I am better than I was at this time last week. However, I fear I’m still not 100% and don’t want to get my hamster sick, so no fuzzy cuddles for me for a couple more days.

  12. I’m sorry you’ve been sick. I hope you’re on the mend now.
    Great excerpt. For me personally, it has exactly the right amount of detail to feel real and raw, but not so much that it puts me off. It’s a great juxtaposition of the violent act and Jacabo’s conflicted feelings about it.

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