ROW80 check in…now with donuts!

So, week one of the final ROW80 round of the year is over.  And, I know it’s early days, but may I say I’m feeling pretty damn good about my goals right now. Although this week was a bit rocky (see Friday’s post for more details of rockiness, also thank you Mel for being such an amazing internet cheerleader friend!) I still managed to be really productive and enthused!  Hooray!

So, to recap last week’s goals:

Edit up to chapter 6 of Rebellion.  Done.  For my new schedule I was actually hoping to have chapters 1-6 fully edited, but I’m still pretty happy with chapters 1-5.  I still need to do a final read-through of chapters 4 and 5, but overall I’m super happy with them! 14,000 words down!

Work out what to do about NaNo. Done.  I have decided that I will in fact be participating in NaNo again this year (*cue cheers*).  I worked out a way that I can finish editing Rebellion by the end of the round AND do NaNo, which is pretty exciting.  I still have to work out the details of my NaNo project, but more on that another time! Considering I am unlikely to return to the physical Adelaide NaNo community, any online community inclusion would be lovely!

Finish reading Harry’s Game. This is the only goal for this week that I didn’t achieve, and to be honest I’m not too fussed.  It was always a long shot.  For those who don’t know, Harry’s Game is about the Troubles in Northern Ireland, a political assassination by the IRA and the man who goes looking for the assassin.  It isn’t exactly an easy read.  I’m really enjoying it, but I find it’s one of those books where you read a chapter or two at a time, rather than a whole chunk all in one go.

Write WIPpet blog post and additional blog post for Friday. Done.  Even though Friday’s blog post was a bit down, I still felt like it was important to share, and I really appreciated the lovely feedback and support.  You guys rock.

Comment on 10 blogs. Although I didn’t keep track of this strictly I visited most of the WIPpeteers, a fair few ROW80-ers and a couple of other blogs as well. So I’m going to say done.

Write an additional 2,000 words for my politics draft. Done. Only 3,500 to go before editing begins!

Research for history essay. Done.  Huzzah!

Have exchange subjects prepared for meeting with course coordinator. Done.  Meeting was super successful and course coordinator was super helpful.

So much success.  I can’t even. Wow.  See how productive I’ve been?? SEEE??? (Can you tell I’m pretty super proud of myself?).

I’m hoping to continue my success with my goals for this week:

  • Edit chapters 6-12 of Rebellion.  This is to stay on the schedule I’ve made for myself in my new writing notebook.  However, as I do have half a week leeway at the end, a chapter short is acceptable.
  • Begin basic planning for NaNo. Just the very basics – general idea, time, etc.  I already have a basic idea, I just want to formalise it a bit.
  • Keep reading Harry’s Game and start another book. I have a list of books I want to read, so I’ll have to pick one of those.
  • Publish two blog posts on top of ROW80 and WIPpet updates. I’ve already written a review of Gone Girl, and I think I’ll have a short writery post, maybe about NaNo for Friday.
  • Visit and comment on 15 blogs. Increasing my goal and making more friends!
  • Additional 2,000 words on politics project draft. This will bring me almost to the end, with 7,500 words in total.
  • Additional research for my history essay. In preparation for drafting to commence.
  • Work out options with my course coordinator for exchange and start application. Whee!

So there you have it! I’ll see you on Wednesday for a WIPpet and a check in, and maybe on Monday or Tuesday with a book review!

Hope all your goals are going swimmingly and my productivity and positive thoughts have been rubbing off!


21 thoughts on “ROW80 check in…now with donuts!

  1. Wow! Sounds like you a had a great week (productivity wise). Also, where was the picture at the top of your blog taken? It’s beautiful.

    1. Thank you!

      It’s a picture of Mount Sunday in New Zealand which was used for the location of Edoras in the Lord of the Rings movies. My dad recently hiked through all of New Zealand, and this was one of the photos he took. It’s so beautiful!

      1. I was in Palmerston North. But my favorite city was Dunedin! Don’t ask me what my favorite place was…there were too many wonderful (and magical) places to pick a favorite.

      1. Sorry – we ate the pumpkin donuts, and then the pumpkin muffins. I think we have a blueberry one left (I’m not a blueberry eater). You can call dibs if you want! =)

  2. I’ll take that donut, thank you 🙂 I’m so impressed by your progress – you totally rock. Productive Rachel sure knows how to get the job done! I’m glad I could be there for you when you needed a cheer. Have a great few days and I’ll catch up with you Wednesday, if not before.

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