WIPpet Wednesday!

Hello all! You’re probably (hopefully) aware that I missed last week (lack of internet etc) but I HAVE RETURNED TRIUMPHANTLY!

I’ve somehow managed to be super productive this week. Who would have guessed?

Since Monday I have written a grand total of 3,333 words (that total wasn’t even on purpose – I am officially winning) of my research project, which makes me pretty damn happy.  I’ve also successfully exercised three mornings in a row (probably not a big deal for most, but I am in fact a sloth, so it’s a big deal), avoided junk food and managed to actually eat healthily.  I’ve also done a bit of world building, fixing my map, working out terrain (and making sure that the terrain would exist where it could in case I’m ever published and someone has a go at me about it and I can be all ‘well actually because of the tectonic plates/because the planet has a retrograde rotation etc it is actually realistic’ – shhh, I got a bit carried away).  After I’ve written this post I’m going to do some more world building and perhaps even some tentative planning of my rewrite of Rebellion. 

Productivity is awesome. Why don’t I do this more often?


Anyway, onto today’s WIPpet.  This WIPpet stuff is going to become much easier once I’ve started editing, I’ll actually have stuff to share as opposed to having to find something presentable.


Fellow WIPpeteers can be found here, I suggest checking them out once you’ve finished here, or maybe even joining us! We’re pretty awesome…

Anyway, because as of next week (when editing hopefully commences) I will be posting WIPpets from the sections I’m working on, we’ll probably be saying goodbye to Siri and her mysterious friends for a while.  I know, sad. But don’t worry, I won’t leave you all on such a cliff hanger!

Because I missed last week, I have 26 lines for you. (last week’s date + today’s date + 1+0). This follows directly on from my last WIPpet, so if you haven’t already, I suggest reading this one first! Any guesses who Siri’s mystery man might be?

The word hung heavily in the air between them, filling Siri with emotions she couldn’t articulate or understand.



He smiled, the glimpse of a laugh dancing across his eyes. “Well. Usually I would not tolerate such mockery, but perhaps with you I’ll make an exception.”

Siri ducked her head to hide her smile. The stories from the Rebellion had not prepared her for the man who sat in front of her. He was charming, almost friendly. And he was making her blush.

“Siri, I do not have all day to wait for you to make up your mind. Nor do you.  If you would rather refuse I am sure there are other tasks you could do, albeit ones less suited to your particular set of skills. Of course, if you were to just accept my offer…”

“Why me?”

“I would have thought the answer to that was rather self-apparent, Siri. You were wasted in the Rebellion, but of course you already know that or you would not be here.” He gestured around his office. “I have already promised that you can trust me, but if you continue to insist on refusing to do so, I will have no choice but to revoke my offer.”

“No.” She paused. It wasn’t as though she had anything to lose, not really. And she could always kill him anyway. “I accept.”

He raised his eyebrow, teasing the formality out of her, his eyes once again dancing.

This time, she returned his smile. “My Lord.”


27 thoughts on “WIPpet Wednesday!

  1. Love it! She’s my kind of woman! I especially liked the comment about killing him if things don’t go to plan 🙂 I enjoyed the picture you painted with your words, the tension in the air, the contrasting emotions in the room – the mystery man is certainly a domineering force.

  2. You make me more intrigued by the relationship between these two. I’m really enjoying the chemistry in this scene, and I like the line “teasing the formality out of her”.

  3. Is it just me or is there a bit of sexual tension going on here?! Whatever the case, this is a lovely excerpt and I liked the way you brought out the characters of Siri and the man she’s talking to (whose name I can’t remember!). 🙂

    1. Hehehehehe there may be some sexual tension! Maybe…

      I haven’t revealed the man’s name yet, but he is someone who’s been in WIPpets before! You win a prize if you can guess who! (Disclaimer: not an actual prize).

  4. Yay for productivity! I always feel better when doing stuff too, so now I make time to do stuff. I love this excerpt. I missed last weeks, but this is still really engaging. Though I do have a not so good feeling about him. =P

  5. Wow! Three cheers for productivity!! And another cheer for this, “It wasn’t as though she had anything to lose, not really. And she could always kill him anyway.” That certainly makes me wonder at the relationship, Especially when she goes on to call him ‘lord’. Hmmm…..

  6. My prize – your word count and workout total – gosh, but I LOVE the number 3! =D

    I don’t know who he is, but I do love the interaction between him and Siri. Something’s going to boil over sooner or later…*pretends not to be stirring the pot*…

    Awesome weeks are the counterbalance for the more laconic ones…at least in my world, they are. =D

      1. I think WIPpets get jumbly in our heads! I’m also feeling at loose ends just now, so I’m not at my intuitive best…maybe someone will get it…more clues might help! =D

  7. Exercise!!! I applaud you!! I, too, am a sloth. I don’t like the little belly I’m forming, and I’ve only been entertaining the idea of exercising. I hate the feeling of sore muscles. Never liked it. BUT. The little belly is only going to grow if I don’t do something now. *sigh*

    Loved the snippet. Trying not to be charmed, and yet… well, damnit! There’s charm afoot! But a swift kill if things don’t go to plan… haha! I laughed.

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