Summaries and moving forwards

So I missed the last post of round three. Classic. It almost seems fitting in a way, considering my round.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve learned a lot of things about myself, my goals, my abilities, my writing etc. I’ve met new and amazing people over the internet who are helpful and supportive and potentially even on the way to becoming ‘friends’.

I’ve also had a lot of thinking time this round, reevaluating a lot of things in my life, and where I’m going.

But that’s for another day (perhaps).

Today I am writing the blog post I said I’d write on Wednesday (I had no internet access, in my defense…). Now, I must say, I’ve looked through my goals from the start of the round, looked at my progress, and, well, it isn’t pretty.

But that’s ok.

That’s what this round has taught me. It’s ok. It’s ok to not achieve every goal you set out. It’s ok to have to reevaluate. It’s ok to sit down and say ‘you know what, I can’t do this right now’. It’s ok to not finish everything you started. And it’s ok to get up after that, brush yourself off, and try again!

Main goal: Have Rebellion edited and ready to send to beta readers. 
Nope. I have edited two chapters of Rebellion (I’m very happy with both of them, may I add), but that’s been it. Writing just didn’t work for me this round. I got distracted. I had uni. I had life. Which is all ok. I have had a lot of thinking time though, leaving me with new ideas to jot down and incorporate, and some hope that I will get through these edits and progress to the next stage of my writing journey.

Spend equal amounts of time on writing and uni.
As I somewhat expected, uni ended up overtaking writing. It’s just so much easier to place a priority on something that is graded, something that is considered ‘important’ by those around you. Through my reevaluations however, I have realised (realised is the wrong word) that writing is important to me. It is my dream. And I’m not going to give up on that just because people around me may not take it seriously.

Participate in WIPpet Wednesday every week.
I think I’ve done pretty well with this one. I’ve missed a few WIPpets (life is busy and I WAS IN THE UK FOR A MONTH) but on the whole I’ve been successful in sharing snippets and engaging with the other bloggers!

Start ‘novel journey’ posts.
These didn’t happen but it was for a good reason – my ‘novel journey’ this round consisted of what I’m going to call an existential breakdown – lots of questioning who I was and where I was going and what the point of my life is. So, really, you should be thanking me for a lack of novel journey posts!

Review one book a month.
This also didn’t happen. However, I’ve just finished reading two books (The Fault in Our Stars and Gone Girl) and have once again gotten the reading bug, so I might just start doing reviews.  If you’d like me to review either TFIOS or Gone Girl let me know. I was thinking of writing one on Gone Girl in the next week or so. Also, if there are any books you’d like me to review, let me know that too.

So there you have it. At a glance it looks like an unsuccessful round, but I’ve really pleased with what I’ve achieved. I now actually feel ready to launch back into my writing, surrounded by a supportive community and better equipped with techniques and strategies to help me reach my goals!

See you next round, or, if you pop by for a WIPpet, on Wednesday! Hope all your rounds went well!


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