The struggle of editing…

After months of procrastination, unforeseen road bumps and pesky things like uni and life getting in the way, I am finally committing to start proper, serious editing of Rebellion. 

I can hear your eyes rolling. Stop it. I know I’ve said this before, but weren’t you listening? Things got in the way!

And now here I am, half way (ish) through September, prepared to start editing (well rewriting/editing – some bits need changing so drastic I don’t think it can just be called editing).

So, to all my fellow writers out there who are so good at giving helpful advice, any tips? How do you edit? One big read through followed by chapter by chapter dissections and alterations?  Character by character edits (if like me you have lots of different character POVs)? Pick and choose sections randomly?

I’ve always been a big believer in not skipping sections whilst writing. But when it comes to editing I’m not so sure…

I’ve recently just been editing sections for WIPpets, which I’ve found really enjoyable but I’m not sure if it’s an effective actual editing strategy. Hmm…

Of course, before I start any editing I need to work out plot/character development/geography/other non-writing but still important things.

What do you think? Are you a fan of chronological editing, or do you pick and choose depending on your mood? Help me!!


5 thoughts on “The struggle of editing…

  1. I usually start chronologically but if I reach a section I’m not really feeling at the time I’ll mark it and skip past. Otherwise, I pinpoint key areas I know need the most work and fix those up.

  2. I’ve been using Rock Your Revisions and Rock Your Plot, both by Cathy Yardley and cheaply available on Kindle. There’s a system for reverse-engineering the background stuff, and for creating a plan to carry you through the revisions.

    The plan calls for dealing with the plot points first, then the pinch points, and then the connecting scenes that bind them. I have plot/pinch points for each POV character, so that’s three scenes per plot/pinch point for my current novel.

    Once I’ve gone through each of my 60 scenes individually, I’ll make a quick final pass to tweak for competency, pacing, conflict, tightness. I’ll be making notes for the next two passes (I’ll be taking a break before diving into them), and for research.

    It’s not going fast, but I LOVE the way the 12 scenes I’ve finished have turned out – like you, I’m doing a near-total rewrite, more than editing.

    I’ve spent just over 150 hours, into Scene 13/60. I don’t know if that’s fast or slow for a first draft revision, but I’m learning a tremendous amount along the way. I’m thinking I will get better as I go, and gain a level of intuition I don’t have yet.

    I don’t know if any of this is helpful, but I think I may have written the beginning of a blog post here… =)

    1. Shanjeniah I’m pretty sure you’re always helpful and you know that!

      Thank you for giving me such an in depth look into your editing habits, it is so incredible useful! I will definitely look into Rock Your Plot/Rock Your Revisions as they sound super interesting. 😀

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