And the last horse crosses the line…

Ok, I may not be the LAST person to post their ROW80 mid week update/WIPpet, but considering both of these are supposed to occur on Wednesday and it is now Thursday night, I think the title in fitting…


Quick update on my ROW80 goals: Wow the week goes by so quickly. I always start Sunday night feeling like a week is so much time to get everything I want to do done, but then it gets to Thursday night and I realise how much I still have to do and how little time in the week I have left! This week has been very busy, not always with productive work. I’ve done some uni brainstorming, writing brainstorming, uni tute work, shopping, and a work training session for a campaign I’m doing in a few weeks. Sounds like a lot right? Unfortunately, I still have 4 lectures to catch up on, a few thousand words to write, an essay topic to think up and start research on, a birthday dinner/breakfast/day to plan, some more writing work to do, and some work gear to pick up. Obviously not all of this will get done this week, especially considering the boyf recently purchased Sims 4 and well…yeah.


Now, onto today’s WIPpet. I’ve been tossing up all day between whether to give you some more from last week’s scene (which you all seemed to enjoy), or to be a tease and give you something different.  Luckily for you I have too much to do to find another snippet for you, so you get the first.

Today’s WIPpet math is 16 words because 11-9+14=16 (day-month+year). And because the excerpt I want to share with you is 16 words.  This follows immediately after last week’s excerpt.


Siri swung around to face Lord Rolando, her hands clasped anxiously in front of her.

You can find the WIPpeteers here and the ROW80-ers here! Join us!


19 thoughts on “And the last horse crosses the line…

  1. Okay, first off, what the–?!!? *flips screen over to check backside* Where’s the rest? What is this? 16 WORDS? That was just… *wipes tear from cheek* Evil. It warms the cockles of my heart. Whatever those are.

    Secondly, it’s only early Thursday a.m. in my part of the world so you’re not as late as you think. 😀

      1. Inquiring minds have to know, so here we go, straight from somewhere on the web:

        17th century, Unknown, possibly due to resemblance of cockles to hearts.[1] Alternatively, may be corruption of Latin cochleae in cochleae cordis (“ventricles of heart”),[1] or of Irish Gaelic origin. Possibly also inspired by mollusks opening when exposed to warmth, notably cooking.

      2. I see! Your heart is corrupt, cooked shellfish. That sounds about right. Erp! I mean… that wasn’t out loud, was it? Was it!? Umm… I just remembered something! I need to go, ah… buy bananas! Yes. Lots and lots of bananas. Before the flying monkeys get here…

    1. Thank you!

      I’ll be honest, life isn’t going to get any less busy any time soon (Uni holidays = catch up on assignments time) but I will try my hardest to have longer excerpts in the coming weeks!

  2. Evil plays well here! And it’s even better if one didn’t get to last week’s WIPpet, because I had a really busy week, too…

    May all the planning and celebrating and brainstorming and writing lead to wonderful experiences and new learning!

  3. Isn’t it weird how time just slips away, and before you know it, the week is gone? But you’re really busy, so that’s what happens. Good luck with everything, but don’t let yourself get overwhelmed! 🙂

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