The end is in sight!

This time next week I will be 20! My goodness time has been flying by.  Not only this round, but this year in general.  It’s already September, getting towards the MIDDLE of September. This time in two months I will have finished my second year of uni, and will in theory be participating in November and preparing for exchange. Then it will be Christmas. Boy. Thinking about all of this reminds me of how much I have to do…


Anyway, just a quick update today because I’m SO TIRED AND I WANT TO SLEEP!

Writing: 2 hours per weekend day, focusing on planning and word building: I always knew this week would be unproductive on the writing front, which is why I’m not too disappointed in myself when I say this was not achieved. Life is busy sometimes, and something’s gotta give!

Uni: Stick to timetable, work hard, avoid procrastination: I had a very slow start to this week, but I managed to finish an assignment I’m very happy with and am looking forwards to getting back into the swing of things this week.

Work: 10 hours a week: No, but again not through lack of trying. I’ve already got a 6 week promotion booked in for the end of September and all of October, and work did call me twice this week about shifts, unfortunately on the days I had uni work!

Blog: ROW updates and WIPpet Wednesday: Both of these were achieved, as well as another blogging project I’ve been working on! Yay. Still no extra Friday post, but that will come in time.

Fitness/Health: Again, a slow week, but I’ll get back into the swing of things tomorrow.


So there we go, two weeks left in this round, and hopefully they’ll be productive. How are you going with your goals?


4 thoughts on “The end is in sight!

  1. Every once in a while, we need those slow weeks to really build up the momentum for a fantastic week. It looks like you’re managing a pretty good balance with everything, and keeping a good attitude about when things don’t go exactly to plan. Keep it up!

  2. Sounds like you are doing fine with your goals – some weeks we are all spot-on and other weeks we all get a little off. That’s because we all have lives. Which is a good thing. Hang in there, you’ll get done what you need to.

  3. Inflexibility can kill progress so much faster than being adaptable and realistic. Sometimes life needs to come first, and accepting that is a lot saner and approach than exhausting yourself or drowning in self-recrimination…

    Life is ebbs and flows, and blends of all the things in it…enjoy these last days as a teen. I think you’ve got a better handle on things than more than a few older folk (including me, until well into my 30s).

  4. Happy early birthday! This round has really sped by, but it sounds like you are making some progress. Just as important, it sounds like you are being realistic about what can and cannot happen. Wishing you a great last two weeks of this round.

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