ROW80 from Cambridge

I almost didn’t write this post because I was out having a nice evening drink with my Cambridge friends, but then I decided that it was all just too exciting for me not to share with you all!

The Taura chapter still hasn’t been sorted, but THANK YOU to everyone who commented on it with helpful suggestions (and words of support). I will eventually reply individually to all your comments, I’ve just been a bit busy. It looks as though writing will have to be postponed until I return from Cambridge, but that’s ok I think.

I also didn’t quite manage to visit other blogs this week because I actually made FRIENDS here and therefore have spent most evenings hanging out, which hasn’t left much time for blog hopping. I probably won’t be around much this week either, but eventually I will get to your blogs!

My Cambridge essay is going along well. It’s VERY difficult not to feel inspired whilst in Cambridge, I’ve discovered.

And of course, I have been enjoying my time here thoroughly. Yes, I’ve had a few days where I’ve felt a bit miserable and missed my darling boyfy, but I’ve been having an absolute ball. Tomorrow marks the start of the second (and last) week, and I go into it with a firm group of fabulous friends I have a lot in common with, share inside jokes with (A LOT of inside jokes), sit with in lectures, go on adventures through Cambridge with, and hang out with almost every evening. The lectures have been fascinating, and my college is beautiful, but it’s really my new friends that are making this experience so amazing. Even though I knew two people coming here (both from my degree but not staying in the same college or doing the same subjects), I was worried I’d be alone a lot. Not only have I barely spoken to those two people, I’ve also barely been alone (in a good way). Now I have friends to visit in New York, Edinburgh, Adelaide (woo!) and Germany, and I can’t wait til next year when I will be able to see the Europeans at least! It also means leaving is going to be bittersweet, but I’m not even going to think about that and will just enjoy my second week in this amazing place!


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