WIPpet Wednesday on a Wednesday

Look at me, posting a WIPpet. And on the right day. Oh my!

I don’t particularly have much of anything to report, so I’ll just leave you with the four paragraphs from today’s WIPpet.

Through the lank strands of hair obscuring her face, Taura scowled at Tonio’s optimistically beaming face. He had appeared so suddenly she hadn’t even had an opportunity to prepare herself, her view one moment the campsite, and then the next his irritatingly familiar face. It was, admittedly, a less mundane view, but also a less welcome one. Tonio wasn’t phased by her icy reception, but then again the way he was shifting his weight from foot to foot hinted that he was perhaps too nervous to have noticed.
“I brought you some food.”
A jumbled plate of the food in question was propelled towards Taura, almost covering Tonio’s eager grin from her view completely. Almost.
“Come on. You must be starving. We’ve been walking all day.” She could feel the desperation radiating from him as he pushed the plate towards her once again. Hoping the treacherous rumbling of her stomach wasn’t loud enough to give her hunger away, Taura stared through Tonio and returned to surveying the campsite. She didn’t need any of his food, and she most certainly didn’t want his sympathy.


22 thoughts on “WIPpet Wednesday on a Wednesday

  1. Looks like you have a spoiled teenager on your hands in your snippet. 🙂 My sympathies!

    I can definitely relate to the urge to want to travel forever, but I’m old enough now that my impulses do not always always equate with my body’s willingness to cooperate … so short trips have become my preferred travel mode. Just lucky I live in the middle of Europe, where so many cool places are so nearby.

  2. It sounds like you’re having a lovely adventure! Have you been journaling during your travels? I have such a bad case of wanderlust it isn’t funny. One day I want to backpack through Europe and just write stuff. I wish it wasn’t so expensive!

    1. I am! I haven’t been journaling as I’m not really that sort of person, but I’ve taken SO many photos it’s ridiculous. I’d love to live in Europe one day and just jump on a train to visit wherever I wanted whenever I want!

  3. “IT doesn’t matter because I’m in charge.” Yup, I know folks like that. Sounds like you’re having some amazing adventures! Enjoy the rest of your travels.

  4. Ooh, Scotland! I want to go there someday!

    Changing your goals is perfectly acceptable in ROW80. That’s one of the things that makes it so great. We can always reevaluate and make changes where we need to.

    1. If only he was in fact a spoiled teenager not a middle aged man…oh dear!

      It’s been fantastic! I’m so sad it’s coming to an end though, even if it does mean I’m about to go to Cambridge…

  5. I’d be miffed at my ancestors, too, if I could have had a castle and didn’t get one. 😦 Oh, Andre! Those first couple lines are so me when I’m reading and someone interrupts.

  6. You must be channeling me, Rachel. Whenever I get the chance to travel it’s like “go away reality; I have pretty things to see and tour”. You have my commiseration.

    Andre on the other hand… Hmm, not sure. I hate being interrupted too, but the “I’m in charge” line made me just want to thwap him.

    1. Now that it’s my last day of traveling before Cambridge, I’m not only like “go away reality”, I’m actively resisting it!

      If it makes you feel better I want to thwap Andre regularly!

  7. “Because I’m in charge” is exactly the sort of thing a sullen teenager would say, Andre!

    I am really quite jealous of your travels. I didn’t make it as far as Scotland on my visit last year, but I really want to get there next time!

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