*Insert snazzy Sunday check in related title I have yet to think of here*

Let’s begin by saying that Edinburgh is the most amazing place I’ve ever been in my life and I don’t want to leave ever and I’m in love.

Ok, now on to my actually post.

We all knew the likelihood of me successfully completing my goals in my first week (or any week I’m away) was unlikely, which is why I’m not particularly fussed that I’ve fallen slightly short of my goals.

According to my goals, this week I should have completed three or four chapter edits. I have completed two. But I’m proud of this. Of these two chapters, the first one was rewritten to the extent that it was basically a new chapter, and the second one was a completely new chapter. Besides, I’m trying to enjoy my time in the UK as much as possible, which has resulted in very busy tiring days and evenings spent either at the theatre or in bed watching TV and just chilling.

Finding a writing and university balance isn’t really applicable at the moment, but I still want to spend some more time on university stuff in the lead up to term so I’m prepared. This week I’ve done nothing.

I’ve decided to really set out my goals for this week rather than just vaguely mentioning them. So, this week I want to:

  • Complete edits on chapters 3-7. This will be a bit of an effort, but I have a few train trips and the like, so hopefully I’ll be successful. If by Wednesday I haven’t reached chapter 5, I’ll have to rethink my goals.
  • Find my Cambridge books in e-book form and purchase in preparation for summer school.
  • Brainstorm some ideas for my research project for semester 2.

Well, I will return on Wednesday with a WIPpet and an update! Until then, I’ll be enjoying Scotland! Why don’t you check out the other ROW80 updates? You can find them here


11 thoughts on “*Insert snazzy Sunday check in related title I have yet to think of here*

  1. In light of your travels, I don’t think you should be beating yourself up over not achieving your goals. Spend a week or two getting acclimated before you worry about tackling your goals. You will find the time eventually. For right now, enjoy where you are at and where you are headed.

  2. Alba ga brigh! We were in Edinburgh 35 years ago, and loved it. That you got two chapters done under the circumstances is amazing. I’d’ve blown it off entirely. If you ride British Rail from Edinburgh to London, you’ll have loads of time to do edits. Just a thought. Enjoy the rest of your trip!

    1. It is the best city I’ve ever seen! I absolutely love it here!

      My rail trip from London to Edinburgh was what resulted the those two chapters largely! I have another short trip to the Lake District, a looong one to Lincoln and then a short one to Cambridge, lots of time for work!

  3. *Hi Blog Friend! *
    You’ve done something and that’s more important than not reaching your goals. You’ve tried and that’s the best thing you can do. It’s all a matter of balance and it takes anyone time to get there, never mind that you’re preparing for university at the same time as doing your writing. Keep doing what you’re doing and letting us know how it goes.

    1. *Hi Blog Friend!*
      Thank you! I thought I’d be more worried, seeing as I’m a bit of a perfectionist and all, but I’m really just feeling quite relaxed about it all. I look forwards to checking in on Wednesday with an update (but mostly just bragging more about my time in Scotland).

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