Almost forgot the ROW80 update

Good start to my first ROW80 experience, forgetting the first update. I’ll get better I promise. My excuse is that I’m in the UK (I know I keep going on about this, but, seriously, I’M IN THE UK!) and therefore am distracted. But anyway, better late than never!

  • Edit/write/rewrite 7 chapters a fortnight: I started editing (well, mostly rewriting because chapter 1 is one of the chapters that required a massive overhaul) chapter 1, and to my dismay (but also joy because I love Rolando) it hasn’t finished yet. However, Saturday includes hours on a train to Edinburgh, and whilst absorbing the view I also hope to complete at least up to ch3 or 4. I can do it! Even though ch2 is a new chapter and ch3 has some pretty serious editing. Still, positive thinking.
  • Spend equal amounts of time on writing and university: Um, well, the only reason this has gone anywhere near well is because I haven’t been doing much writing. Even though I have a summer school in a week and a half, I haven’t really done anything. Again, I just feel a bit eugh about the whole uni thing. Just leave me to write and explore!
  • Blog goals: WIPpet Wednesday was a success. Other posts (such as writing journey and book reviews) will have to wait I think, but I’m ok with that!

So there you go, my first update. Not super successful, but I’m staying positive. See you on Sunday/Monday for my next check in (from Edinburgh – you jealous?)




2 thoughts on “Almost forgot the ROW80 update

  1. Jealous? Nope? Hope you have a wonderful time straight through! Wish I could go, too – not instead. Too.

    Sounds to me like you’re making very steady progress, considering. I write almost nothing while travelling. I don’t regret it, either. It always ends up feeding my writing in some way.

    It’s not essential to make every check-in, and “Travelling in another country,” certainly seems to be a good reason for forgetting.

    Welcome, and may you find just what you’re looking for here! =D

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