WIPpet Wednesday coming to you from Waterloo

Hellooo! It’s a lovely Wednesday evening in Waterloo, I’ve managed to stay up past 8pm (I’ve been sleeping normally, just going to bed early and waking up early), and it’s time for WIPpet Wednesday.  I’m going to  be honest with you, I haven’t gotten up to editing beyond chapter 1 of Rebellion, mainly because I’M IN LONDON. I got a bit of work done on my flight over, but if you’ve ever tried to use your brain after 2 hours of sleep (plane sleep, not even good sleep) in 48 hours, you’ll understand why I wasn’t quite as successful as I’d hoped to be. Still, I have half the week left to edit up to ch4, so hopefully I can get that done. I do have a train trip to Edinburgh…

Anyway, onto WIPpet Wednesday. We’re going back to chapter 1 with Lord Rolando for this one.  You can find the other WIPpeteers here, or join us. You just need to post a snippet from your work in progress that corresponds in someway to the date. Today’s WIPpet maths is 9 sentences because today is the 9th, plus one extra sentence because I’m in the UK and am therefore super happy (and also the excerpt doesn’t make sense without it).


“And the villages across the border?”

Rolando raised his hand in protest. “Only want what everyone else in the north wants. land and food and to be left in peace by everyone else. Our villages along the border are just as guilty of stealing land as those across from them. You cannot accuse one without the other, and punishing villages for stealing is not how to win their support against a rival who promises them territory and freedom. We cannot become their ally by attacking their enemies. We must become their ally by convincing them that our enemy is also theirs.” 

“And how do we do that, my Lord?” 

Rolando felt their eyes following him as he stood and waved for them to leave. “I don’t know.” 


18 thoughts on “WIPpet Wednesday coming to you from Waterloo

  1. Ah…yes…a good philosophy. Now, how to implement it? That is the key. Good luck with that, Rolando. 😉

    The UK! Hope you are having a marvelous time.

  2. Can I admit I’m jealous? I would love to visit London.

    Rolando is wise. No doubt he’ll find a solution—or one of his trusted advisers will, right?

    1. London was incredible! I already want to go back and I’ve only been in Brighton a few hours (although, Brighton is pretty good as well!).

      You shall have to wait to see if he finds a solution, but for the sake of many, many people, I’d hope he does! 😛

  3. You’re here in the UK!! Yay!! I live in Bristol BTW, hence the excitement. 🙂 Great excerpt; intriguing. I wonder what exactly Rolando is trying to negotiate about? He seems very diplomatic anyway.

    Have a fab time in Edinburgh. Do you know that despite living in the UK all my life, I’ve never been to Scotland? No. Never. It’s shameful, I know. I’d love to go sometime. Enjoy it and fill us in about it when you get back. 😀

    1. Yay!! What is Bristol like? I won’t have time to visit, but I’d love to go one day!!

      I’m glad you enjoyed the excerpt. Rolando has a skill for being incredibly diplomatic when internally he’d rather just kill everyone. An admirable (and desirable) train in a leader I think!

      I will be sure to provide many details on my visit to Scotland, I’m looking forwards to it!!

  4. I love that last line! Such a wise perception, but implementation – well, that’s another issue. And I love your description of his nature, too.

    Travel safely, and take the time to soak it all in! Editing can happen later. =)

      1. Good for you! The editing will be there, when the traveling is done, but the journey will have ended.

        May you return overflowing with all you’ve experienced! =D

  5. SO glad I don’t have to figure out a solution to that. I just get to wait (somewhat-patiently) as Rolando tries to figure it out himself. I love the voice in your piece!

  6. SOOO jealous! (It’s been 10 years since I was in the UK, and … oh, I so want to go back!) Glad you’re enjoying yourself. Vacation or business?

    I’m glad I read the comments because I’d been under the impression that Rolando was a lot more hot tempered than this post showed. He’s a very multidimensional character.

    1. Yay! Multidimensional! Rolando is one of my favourite characters to write, but my biggest struggle is making sure all aspects of his character shine through. He’s quite complicated, and he can be VERY hot tempered, but also not. I’m so glad he’s coming across the way he’s supposed to!

      Vacation and study. These first two weeks are a holiday exploring places I’d love to live in the future, and then studying in Cambridge for two weeks!

      1. Oooh, studying in Cambridge…. *bats down the Jealousy Monster again* What are you studying?

        As for Rolando… whatever you’re doing is working.

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