Friday Check In – Oh my goodness I leave for the UK tomorrow!

Yep. That’s right. Tomorrow afternoon I will be getting on a plane to begin my 24 hours of flights to get me to London. All week people have been asking me if I’m excited, but to be honest I’ve sort of been far too busy to get excited.  I also tend to get super overwhelmed by emotion rather than excited, so I’ll be honest, there have been a few tears this week (Last night I cried remembering how one day in primary school – grade 2 to be exact – mum had done my hair up like Princess Leia and I was so excited but then I got to school and all the kids made fun of me so I made a teacher help me to take it out. In my defense, it’s a pretty upsetting story.  I mean, how could those kids NOT appreciate Star Wars).  I still don’t necessarily feel excited today, but it’s been feeling a lot more real as I’ve started packing, sent details to my parents, printed off info for my darling boyfriend and done all the other things I needed to do.  I’ve still got a few items on my To Do List to complete before my boyfriend and I go out for a very fancy dinner at a very fancy restaurant, including writing this blog post! 

Anyway. Getting off track. Check in time.

1. Finish beta reading duties: Unfortunately, this goal was rapidly pushed aside on Monday upon making a To Do List of things to accomplish this week. However, considering I have a great many hours of traveling in front of me (I’m looking at you 13 hour flight from Singapore to London that I can’t sleep on as I arrive in London in the evening), I’m confident that I can have my edits for Queen of Hearts completed within the next week.  I’ve really enjoyed the beta reading process, and I definitely want to do it more in the second half of 2014! 

2. Plan changes to Rebellion in preparation for editing: This was my major success this week! It took a lot longer than I expected, but in a way that’s a good thing because I now feel really confident with how it will be laid out etc. in terms of chapters. I was thinking about writing an entire blog post about how I plan my novels, including images (if I can work out how to get them in – can anyone help?), which could sort of be the first in a series of ‘novel-writing process’ posts. Any thoughts? 

3. Rewrite/edit chapter 1 of Rebellion: Alas, this goal also wasn’t achieved. But again, knowing I have two flights ahead of me I need to stay awake on (my flight from Brisbane to Singapore is my sleeping flight, in case you were wondering), I’m confident that I can get this done.  Especially as I bought an iPad Mini! I never thought I’d be the type of person to use a tablet to read and write on, but I’m already happy with my decision. It definitely gives me more things to do whilst on the plane now, so I can’t justify just watching the same movie over and over again. I’m going to be productive! 

4. Write blog posts in preparation for whilst I’m in the UK: I haven’t done these yet, purely because I feel confident that I’ll remember to upload at least once a week. Also, I don’t have enough material for WIPpet Wednesday that’s in a semi-reasonable condition (and I don’t think it’s fair to give you 5 weeks straight of unedited first draft rubbish), and I’m planning on participating in ROW80 this round (which begins on July 7th I think), so I can’t really write those posts ahead of time.  We’ll see how things go, but hopefully I’ll be productive whilst over in the UK (some of the time at least) and have plenty to tell you. 


So there you are. I won’t write any goals for next week because they’ll be coming on Monday in the form of my first ever ROW80 goals post (I’m about to write that now so that at least will be up whilst I’m away). 



3 thoughts on “Friday Check In – Oh my goodness I leave for the UK tomorrow!

  1. Yay! Looking forward to your feedback because I’m increasingly aware of what a steaming pile of mess I sent you to look over. So sorry about that. 😛 Also, you can add in images to your posts if you write the posts through the dashboard rather than just the quick link post writy thing. I’ll send you a facey message with more details 🙂

    1. You’re the best!

      I finished reading/making comments on the plane, so I’ll send it through to you some time today. It was good, I just made a few suggestions. I want to know wjat happens next though!

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