Friday Check In – What am I doing with my life…

As many of you may have noticed, I have been a little bit directionless recently, resulting in a lack of blog posts, and those which actually make it onto the blog mostly consisting of me rambling about how busy and directionless I actually am.  I want to remedy this though. Firstly, me moping around home watching YouTube videos and being unproductive leaves me very little to write about, but also I’m not going to get anywhere near achieving my goals if I don’t do anything to work towards it!

So, even though I only have one week left in Australia, I’m going to set myself a few goals to achieve this week to hopefully get myself back on track!

1. Finish beta reading duties: I’m currently about half way through making my comments etc, so hopefully I can have it finished and sent back by Monday at the latest.

2. Plan changes to Rebellion in preparation for editing: I should have done this months ago. Months and months ago. But alas, life got in the way as it always does.

3. Rewrite/edit chapter 1 of Rebellion: I have a reasonably good idea of what needs to happen in the first chapter, and what I need to change to make this happen. If I can get at least one chapter out of the way before I go it will set me on the right track for when I return.

4. Write blog posts in preparation for when I am away: Just in case I get distracted whilst I’m in the UK.

I think that’s enough goals for now, especially considering everything else I have to do. How do you go handling writing and goals when life is so busy around you?


3 thoughts on “Friday Check In – What am I doing with my life…

  1. I find that sometimes I need those seemingly directionless spaces to refuel, to provide fodder for creative connections, to give me space for other parts of living. At other times, the creative surge doesn’t allow for much of that; there’s a distinct ebb, flow, and slack to my process. I used to fight it; but now I see it’s my nature, and fighting it wastes my energy, upsets the rhythm, and makes me fell icky….

    May you find the approach that works best for you, and enjoy your time away!

    1. I definitely agree. It still can be quite frustrating though. I also find that when I’m in what I call a ‘low period’, my motivation goes completely out the window, and instead of being excited by new challenges, I just get overwhelmed and end up in bed with cookies and cream ice cream. I feel as though I’m getting back on track though! I think my time in the UK will really help reinvigorate me!

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