WIPpet Wednesday!

Hellooo! Just a short post for today sorry, still super busy and tired and bleugh.  I’ll provide a longer blog soon, probably Friday.

Anyway, onto WIPpet Wednesday.  Here is the link to all the other fabulous WIPpets for this week, go and check them out! Now, because I am super busy and therefore haven’t done ANY editing (I know, I’m terrible), today’s WIPpet math is 14 words because it’s 2014 and…yeah.  No context for this one, other than it happens after the scene that’s featured in my previous WIPpets.  And it’s a bit happier…

“We’ve done it, my Lord.” Meeting Lord Rolando’s gaze, Jacabo grinned. “We’ve found her.”


18 thoughts on “WIPpet Wednesday!

  1. Interesting! Short but sweet excerpt. Can’t wait to see Rolando’s reaction. Eh…I get the not doing what you’re supposed to be doing thing. =P Sometimes, you just don’t want to do it!

  2. First of all, I must apologize. Somehow I think I missed all your previous WIPpets. I’m very sorry. 😦

    Second: Fun! Since I have no background for this snippet, I can see it being either foreshadowing of someone’s doom or heralding some great triumph. Well played. 🙂

    1. Lord Rolando might be happy. He’s a bit difficult to please sometimes… 😛

      As for whether this is a good or bad thing for ‘her’, I guess you’re going to have to wait to find out! :O

  3. Okay, I’ll throw in on the ‘piddling around on-line and not getting anything done’ train. BBC’s The Musketeers, which has just reached the states, is my new obsession and…oh…there are so many awesome videos to be found. Aramis…always my favorite. *le sigh* *gazes far away at nothing*

    HuH? Oh…WIPpet…yes…finally making the rounds. The above does not help one tiny bit when trying to play catch-up from several weeks of being super busy. Good excerpt. Short and to the point. We found her! Hopefully it will prove a joyous occasion.

      1. I hate that the UK already had all 10 episodes and I can’t even cheat and buy them here. ARGH! I need my fix. *sigh*

      2. I know how you feel! In Australia, we never get anything until it’s been out for MONTHS everywhere else, unless you’re willing to pay insane amounts of money for one specialist channel that will only have one show you want to watch on it. *sigh*

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