Monday Mumbles #1: Preparing for the UK

Warning note: I have decided that from now on Monday’s blog post will be referred to as Monday Mumbles, where I shall ramble on about my life, and perhaps give those of you who are interested an insight into my world.


I have, once again, returned.  I realisPre I didn’t blog at all last week, but that’s mostly because I was ill with a devil cold and found doing anything except playing Sims and watching YouTube videos FAR too intellectually difficult.  Now however I am semi-well again (persistent cough of doom and sniffles still prevail) and feel completely overwhelmed with all the tasks I need to do!

As some of you may know, I am going to the UK in 12 days (wheee) to travel and attend a Cambridge International Summer School (jealous?).  Whilst this is super duper fantastic, it also means I have a lot I need to organise/do. Unfortunately my recent illness/mid-university crisis/tendency to not leave bed and live vicariously through my sims (who, by the way, are super successful) has left me rather unproductive. Which now means I have 12 days to do SO MUCH STUFF. I have a list on my phone, but as usual it just serves to remind me of how unproductive I really am, and make me overwhelmed.

That list consists of the following:
Do laundry of doom: There is so much laundry in my house it isn’t even funny.  Unfortunately, our washer/dryer combo thingamabob takes about 4 hours to do one very small load, making it almost impossible for me to destroy the pile of doom.  Which leads to task number 2:
Buy a dryer to assist with laundry of doom: Pretty self explanatory, but more difficult than I first assumed due to my lack of driving skills.
Buy travel adapter/neck pillow/noise cancelling headphones/eye mask/attraction tickets/travel sim: Yeah. I may have underestimated how much stuff I ‘need’ for a long haul flight and a holiday in the UK
See friends before departing: You’d think this one would be easy, but nope…
Print off documents/maps of where I’m going/itinerary and a copy for boyf:  It is very likely I will forget this until the night before I leave. Uh oh.
Send itinerary to my parents: They don’t actually know where I’m going in the UK…oops.
Pack: Gah. I hate packing.
Complete work paperwork: I GOT A JOB!!!! Unfortunately, I need to fill in a lot of paperwork and stuff before I can start working, and by the time I’ve done it all (and everything else), it will be time for me to leave for a month anyway.
Finish beta-reading Queen of HeartsI’ve talked about this already on my blog a couple of times, but Queen of Hearts is my friend’s novel.  I’ve read through it and made comments for the first part, but I still have quite a few chapters to go.  That might me tomorrow’s task I’m thinking…
Print/bind Rebellion to take with me to the UK: I want to be able to do some editing whilst I’m away (especially on long flights/train trips), but I don’t want to have to rely on my laptop’s battery.  So, I thought I’d use the university binding services to get a hard copy document to take with me and use.
Finish A Feast for Crows and A Dance With Dragons before departure: I won’t start a new book until I’ve finished this series, but I’m not keen on carrying one of George Martin’s epics with me in the UK as a hard copy…
Print Cambridge acceptance letter for visa: This one is important. I need the visa to get into the country, you see…
Do Cambridge pre-reading: Eeeep.
Study for history exam that has now been pushed back into semester 2: Yeah…this is probably not going to happen.  Crap.
Learn how to use fancy video editor tool: I plan on vlogging whilst I’m away so anyone who wants to can see what I’m up to.  This means I need to learn how to edit, and boyf says the software is complicated…
Email Russian teacher details of going away so she can give me crazy homework: I am so not even prepared for this.  I love learning Russian, but it’s beginning to feel like too much…

And there you go, there are probably a lot more things that should be on this list but I’ve forgotten.  Hopefully I remember before it’s too late.

Well, I better resist the temptation of staying on the internet all afternoon, I have too much to do!

I will try my hardest to post regularly leading up to my departure, and at least keep up with WIPpet Wednesday whilst I’m overseas, but I’m not making any promises…


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