Rachel’s Glorious Return

I know a couple of weeks ago I said the battle with uni work was coming to an end, but unfortunately there was a last minute counter attack that required defeating.  Thankfully, now all that stands between me and my trip to England (and holidays) is one pesky exam, but that won’t be happening until early July so I have some time to spend on other things (like writing).

Yes, I admit, I have been VERY slack recently.  I go through stages of stress you see.  Sometimes, all I want to do is write and plan and be in my own little writing world.  Sometimes, I just consume a lot of cookies and cream ice cream and watch TV shows and YouTube and play the Sims.  I wish I could say that these past few months have been a case of the first scenario, but that would be a lie.  Oh well, time to clamber back onto the writing wagon and get back into gear.

Today is in fact WIPpet Wednesday, so I will have a snippet for you later on, but firstly (considering the embarrassing lack of blogging these past few months), I thought I’d give you a longer, more chatty post.  If you’re only here for the WIPpet, feel free to scroll past my ramblings and down to the WIPpet (I’ll make the start of that section bold or something so you can tell!).

Firstly, a little update on progress for writingy/readingy thingies.  Reading wise, I am almost half way through A Feast for Crows, which is the fourth book in the Song of Ice and Fire series.  I’ve had a few flights/train trips recently, which have been perfect for reading.  I’ve also been reading a lot because boyf and I have finished watching series 3 but can’t watch series 4 of Game of Thrones, and that makes me very sad.  If anyone knows how I can watch Series 4 in Australia without actually purchasing Foxtel, please let me know.  Boyf and I will be forever grateful!

I have also just begun beta reading for the lovely miss Amelia E. Browne over at The Story of Ink and Papyrus, and I must say I am thoroughly impressed and really looking forwards to analysing the story more in depth now I’ve finished my first read through.  It’s also given me so much motivation to finish editing Rebellion to the point where I can send it out for beta readers! Hooray!

Now, don’t get me wrong, I enjoy university, but I must admit that this semester has been a massive struggle or me.  I began the semester with high hopes.  By about week 4 I wanted to withdraw from all my courses and maybe even drop out altogether.  By week 6 I decided I wanted to study media not humanities.  By week 8 things had settled down, but by week 10 I was back to hating uni.  Now, thankfully, I feel as though this semester has actually helped me work out what I want to do, and where I want to go next.  I might do an actual blog post on this tomorrow, talking about my journey this semester, what it’s made me realise, and the effect this has had on my writing ambitions etc.


ANYWAY, onto WIPpet Wednesday! As always, thanks to K. L Schwengel for organising etc, and you can find links to the other participants (or join us) here.  I have to say, I’m super excited to be back WIPpeting! Today, I have 17 lines (well, 17 lines according to Word) from Rebellion, because 11 (date) + 6 (month) = 17.  This directly follows on from my last WIPpet, in which Lord Rolando was very angry indeed.


“Punished, my Lord?”
Lord Rolando’s golden eyes narrowed dangerously as the soldier continued to talk.
“It’s just that, well, I mean we couldn’t have done anything differently that would have stopped them. And besides, the Rebellion has always existed, I don’t see what the problem is.”
“The problem,” spat Rolando, “is that they haven’t always been capturing villages!”
His hands slammed down onto the table with his final two words, causing a few of the men around the table to jump. “They’ve captured a village, Timenas. A village with crops and a mine and a large amount of steel. And you all did nothing for the second time!”
Whilst most of the soldiers and advisers around the tale had the decency to look ashamed, Timenas met Lord Rolando’s gaze defiantly. “Because for the second time, it caught us unawares. Unawares, because the Rebellion isn’t a threat, they’re a group of delinquents led by a delusional old man. The Rebellion haven’t been a problem for nearly two decades my Lord, I highly doubt-”
“I don’t care what you doubt, Timenas. Your confidence has always erred on the side of arrogance, and now your arrogance has made you useless. I did not send you north for you to let your men loose in the villages to feast on wine and women. I sent you north to bring the province under control. Do you call this under control?” Lord Rolando turned to his two guards standing by the door. “Take him to the dungeons until I can decide his fate. Round up any of his men as well. They are surely as useless as their commander, but they might know something that could help us.”


12 thoughts on “Rachel’s Glorious Return

  1. I really love the voices here! Especially how Lord Rolando has to spell everything out.

    And yay for only one more exam! (Which will be even more Yay!-inducing when it’s over!). I had a couple of semesters much like the one you described, so I totally get it!

  2. Okay, word to the wise, don’t tick off the king. Wow. No worries to the dialog in this exchange. Well done. Makes Timenas come off as quite the worthless twit. Does he get a chance to redeem himself? Or is he truly that ineffectual?

    Congrats on almost being done with exams. That’s always a bit of a relief. And never apologize for taking time to eat cookies and watch TV. We need to take down time and accept it.

  3. Cookies and tv…that sounds really good right about now. I’m on the other end of the school thing—I have kids finishing up their school year (young; they’re 8 & 10). But it’s no less busy, so I hear you on that.

    Timenas is a noodle-head, apparently. I wonder where he gets the nerve to speak to the king that way. I can’t believe he’s actually trying to defend his cluelessness!

  4. Well, let’s hear it for just one more exam, and for finishing the semester feeling as if you got what you wanted from the experience, Hip Hip HOORAY!

    Now to the excerpt… Liked it a lot. I can somewhat understand Timenas stupidity. History is full of examples of this sort of thing, and the people that failed in these situations were seldom fools… they were lulled and they’d bought into the mental economics of the situation, which is… don’t waste the men and resources on jokers and abjurers.

    However, I certainly get the King’s ire as well.

    Small note: you have a comma splice in

    And besides, the Rebellion has always existed, I don’t see what the problem is.”

    1. Thank you for your feedback, especially noticing the comma splicing! I will fix that up in my editing!

      Poor Timenas, he might have been doing what he thought was best, but I don’t think Rolando is going to care…

      1. I used to comma splice everything; so now, I kind of devote myself to looking for the things.

        Yeah, and… yeah. 😀

  5. I think all of my semesters were like the one you just described aside from the majority in my Master’s program…because by that point I actually liked what I was studying. Yay for one more exam!

    This is a great excerpt. I do like how everything has to be spelled out; however, I’m not sure if this is a good thing or not, I’m kind of very curious about what’s going to happen in the dungeon and how they’re going to break out and take over now. =P

  6. I can feel the tension between the king and Timenas. I like the use of action and body language to portray their emotions. It allows me to visualize the situation better. Good excerpt and writing!

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